Professional Beauty Insurance Coverage in Australia

Insuring your business should be a priority, not a choice!

At Sparrow Insurance, we are the leaders in beauty industry insurance! We provide the most comprehensive insurance products. We cater to beauty therapists and salon owners in Australia.

What is Beauty Industry Insurance?

Beauty industry insurance is an insurance policy that covers beauty professionals against any risks involved in their line of duty. The insurance policy cover also takes care of employees, property, and members of the public. The package also sorts any liability against treatments or products used on customers.

Categories of Beauty Industry Insurance Products

At Sparrow Insurance, we cover salon and cosmetic insurance making sure all aspects of your business are safe!

Salon Insurance in AU

Salon insurance is important if you own a home salon or you’ve rented a chair for hair beauty. This business insurance is essential if you deal with hair beauty and other beauty processes. The cover protects your property and employees against any liabilities.

Cosmetic Insurance

We’ve customized this business insurance to cater to any cosmetic procedures covering you and your clients from risk. Our cosmetic insurance often takes care of the employer’s liability, public liability, property, legal expenses, and professional indemnity. Whether you own a fleet of home salons or you’re in a rental property, we’ve got your back!

Get the Right Beauty Industry Insurance Cover In Australia

There are five types of business insurance covers under beauty. These are meant to help you have some peace of mind as you take care of your clients. This is what we offer as insurance for beauty therapists, hair beauty specialists, and other professionals in the industry.

Public Liability Insurance

A client could slip and get injured on the floor. Hot wax could hurt your customer during waxing. Besides, your hairdresser can mistakenly burn a customer’s hair during the blow-dry. In another scenario, they can give your customer the wrong haircut by mistake. Well, that’s where public liability insurance cover comes in protecting you and your business against such claims from members of the public and customers.

Product Liability Insurance

If your business involves supplying clients with products used in the hair beauty or beauty industry in general, then having a product liability package is a matter of priority! The cover can protect you against claims that the products sold caused direct or indirect harm to the users.

General Property Cover in Australia

If you are a salon owner or work as a beauty therapist or a mobile beautician, you definitely have the equipment and other expensive property within your business. You can secure your property using this cover because it comes in handy in the event of an eventuality, such as fire or theft.

Professional Indemnity

This particular insurance product comes in handy in case a client makes a claim that a product you used on them was harmful. For example, you may recommend a specific product to a client. However, the product ends up reacting with their skin. Another scenario of risk is in the event, you bruise a customer during pedicure or manicure which later becomes an infection.

The professional indemnity cover protects you against such claims from customers, caters to legal fees, and damages.

Business Interruption

This policy covers any losses likely to occur if your business is forced to close. For example, if you have to attend court cases for several days in a month, you’ll have to forego lots of income. You can also close the business if there’s damage to property or theft.

Beauty Insurance Services for Business Owners and Beauticians

Here is a guide on who should acquire beauty business insurance services.


As a business owner, you should protect your business, equipment, employees, and data. Getting one of our customized business insurance packages is therefore important!

Independent Contractors

If you’re a freelance beautician or you work as an independent contractor, it’s important to cover your work. Anything could happen while working at a client’s home or as you offer the services at your home.

Get Insured with Sparrow Insurance!

When you’re ready to get business insurance for your salon or spa, these are the steps to follow.

Beauty Insurance FAQs

Why is beauty industry insurance so important?

Beauty industry insurance is an insurance policy that covers beauty professionals and helps you secure your business against any risks involved in their line of duty and also makes clients trust your beauty industry services.

At Sparrow Insurance Pty Ltd, rest assured that all your hard earn property and business and also for beauty therapists, hair beauty specialists, and other professionals in the industry will be insured from any liability claims.

Can I pay monthly for beauty industry insurance?

By now you’re probably wondering how our payment plans are. The good news is that, we know that the financial situation and capabilities of our clients cannot be the same. Therefore, we do allow monthly payments.

Do I really need beauty industry insurance for my business?

It’s impossible to predict when a risk can occur costing you all the investment. Insuring your beauty business is therefore important for any business owner with long term goals.

Are you a hair beautician or a beauty therapists? Do you own a salon or do you operate one from home? Well, it’s time to protect your business with one of our insurance products.  

You can even get a comprehensive cover to take care of you and your business. What are you waiting for? Contact us today! At Sparrow Insurance Pty Ltd, we don’t wait until your business experiences losses due to a risk you would have avoided.