Secure Cosmetic Insurance for Beauty and Aesthetic Businesses

Sparrow Insurance seeks to help these beauty businesses. Whatever your specific business needs are, we’ve got you covered!

Power your beauty business with secure insurance now!

Today, many beauty centers are popping up in Australia. But then, the Australian cosmetic industry is not safe from daily risks. You can’t tell when accidents could occur.

But put your worries away! Insurance brokers can save the day. They can get your business insured from any sorts of accidents.

Protect Your Beauty Business with These Insurance Packages

Worried about the costs incurred from broken equipment? Don’t forget about property or product damage! Not to mention, the public, your clients, and employees.

Protect your business. Protect your clients and your employees.

Let us help you turn all your worries into peace of mind. These are some packages you can avail of at any time.

Cosmetic Injectables Insurance

Take note that you have to protect your nurses, therapists, and clients. This package protects the whole business itself. All your business assets are covered.

We highly recommend this package to beauty clinic contractors and owners.

Interested in this package type? Call us today for more information.

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Does your business involve tattoos and permanent makeup? You can rely on this package type! Get peace of mind knowing that every session is insured.

Your clients will also trust you if your business is insured.

Specialised Cosmetic Medical Insurance

This package type caters to all medical professionals who do not have adequate cover for some specific treatments and services. Get in touch with us to know more about this package.

We Offer Flexible Policies

Know the risks that come with managing a business. Save yourself from any of these. Secure your beauty business as soon as possible.

Our packages don’t cover only one policy. Here are some policies that come with our insurance packages:


We make sure that your business is protected against any physical damage. Rest assured your property is safe with this package. You won’t have to worry about physical damage to your property.

What are you waiting for? Protect your property today. Save your money in the long run.

Public and General Liability

Our insurance policies cover injuries suffered by clients to your public property. We provide cover for visitor and employee injuries too.

Even defective products are covered. Now that’s a good bang for your buck! Call us to take advantage of this today.

Professional Indemnity

One legal complaint from a client can lead to loss. Think of the legal fees and payouts you have to get from your profits. This is going to be expensive on your part.

But you don’t have to worry! This policy covers all these legal expenses.

This means that you’re protected financially! You don’t have to break the bank. No need to spend bucks!

Products Liability

This business insurance is for beauty product manufacturers. Products Liability provides flexible policy cover for medical devices and equipment. This insurance cover all other beauty products as well.

Suppliers and distributors of beauty products may get this. Contact our team to avail of this package type. We look forward to serving you.

Professionals Who Can Benefit from These Insurance Packages

Sparrow Insurance offers cover that can be tailored to the needs of our various clients.

Self-Employed Individuals

Are you a self-employed person? Are you running your beauty business on your own?

Remember that you’re personally responsible for your business assets. You have to protect the public too. So, let us help you secure your business now.

Medical Professionals

Are you treating patients who need a medically necessary procedure?

You have to protect your professional title. Avail of an insurance package today.

Small Business

Do you own any beauty center?

You’re legally responsible for public safety. But fret not. We have the right insurance package just for you.


Do you manufacture beauty products? Are you a product supplier?

Protect any product you’re offering with products liability.

Protect your business or profession.

Call us if you’re not sure which health insurance to get.


Is cosmetic surgery covered by general health insurance?

Public health insurance in Australia only covers medically necessary surgeries. This includes surgeries for severe burns and injuries. But there are insurance products to cover beauty treatments and procedures.

How much does cosmetic surgery insurance cost?

The amount depends on the health insurance package you avail of. What does your business need? Consult our brokers for an easy quotation process.

What beauty treatments are covered for beauty centers?

All general and standard beauty treatments are covered. Insurance for cosmetic businesses provides cover for specific procedures too.

Not sure about any health insurance policy? Got any more questions about which insurance covers your specific needs?

Sparrow Insurance is at your service. Let us help you secure your assets today.

Feel free to call us at 07 5502 8326. We’re always here to help you.