Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Customised insurance package to meet the needs of your beauty business

Getting a cosmetic tattoo has become more common in the beauty industry nowadays. If you are operating a beauty business, specifically cosmetic tattooing, you provide permanent benefits. But what if something goes wrong?

As with any other businesses, running a cosmetic tattoo business comes with inevitable risks. Despite your careful efforts, there can be mistakes that may result in unhappy customers and potential lawsuits. Before this happens, arranging cosmetic tattoo insurance as the protective cover is a way to go.

Do I need Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance?

With the nature of operating a beauty business, especially in cosmetic tattooing, you should be prepared for mishaps or accidents. One way to shield you from any potential lawsuits from dissatisfied clients is by getting a cosmetic tattoo insurance package that fits your needs.

Businesses That Benefit from Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

When it comes to the cosmetic world, there are different types of policies that should be put in place to make sure that you have cover for different types of liability. Along with salon insurance, Sparrow Insurance can arrange a cosmetic tattoo insurance for beauty therapists to these businesses:

Beauty Salons


Spa Salons

Hair Beauty and Makeup Salons

Tattoo Parlours

Other Businesses with Aesthetic Professionals

Basic Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance Covers

Many clients think of cosmetic tattoo as one of the most sought after and a modern way of beautifying oneself. As the business owner, you only want what’s best for your clients. At the same time, you want to prepare yourself for any possible mishaps along the way.

Here are some insurance policies that cover cosmetic tattoo services.

General Property Insurance

General property insurance is one of the most important insurance policies. This type of business insurance covers damages done to your property, including theft, vandalism, and even machinery breakdown. 

Products Liability Insurance

Being in the cosmetic industry will require you to use products either manufactured by you or by a partnership. Either way, getting products liability insurance safeguards you if your client claims allergy, injury, or casualty whilst using your products.

Beauty Therapy Insurance

A combination of two types of insurances—this beauty therapist insurance protects you from public liability and professional liability: 

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Arranging beauty insurance, especially for cosmetic tattooing can be difficult. But through our network of insurance brokers in Australia, we can give recommendations on which policies are suitable for your business.

When you browse through our website, you can see an array of insurance policies available. If you are set with what cover you need, you’ll be assisted with a customised and suitable cosmetic tattoo insurance package.

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