Laser Tattoo Removal Insurance

Protect your business and employees with suitable insurance covers against liability claims

Laser Tattoo Removal Insurance

Managing a laser tattoo removal business is not an easy feat. Whilst generally most lasers are designed with safety in mind, mistakes can still happen. Even with a trained laser technician, liability claims are unavoidable.

Do I need this type of insurance?

There are certain types of cover that a laser tattoo removal clinic needs. This insurance does not only protect you from claims pertaining to mistakes on the tattoo removal procedure itself; it also protects the overall business operation, the practitioners and other clinic workers.

Types of insurance policies for laser tattoo removal clinics

As a unique type of business, you may require more specific terms in your insurance policy to cover your niche. Here are the most common type of insurance policies to help you determine what policy is ideal for your business.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance will cover you from anything that happens to your staff or customers within your premises. These can be slips and falls or damage to property. The cover may also include hospital treatments for injuries. 

Worker’s Compensation

Performing tattoo removal laser treatment involves many risks. If your employees get hurt or injured during the process, this insurance may cover the compensation costs. 

Professional Indemnity

This is one of the most important coverages you should consider. When malpractice occurs, lawsuits against professionals or service providers are common. This will cover you or your employees from any legal costs and claims for damages to third parties. 

Property Insurance

Laser tattoo removal clinics invest in expensive equipment. If something happens to any of your tools or machines, this insurance will cover sudden equipment damage. Your insurance may cover the repair or replacement of your equipment.

Get in Touch with Sparrow Insurance

At Sparrow Insurance, we believe every business has specific requirements. This is why our team takes the time to thoroughly assess your business structure. 

With our network of insurers in Australia, we can arrange a customised insurance plan. We can also discuss other insurance coverage options and recommend ideal policies that you may need in the future.

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How much does this insurance cost?

The cost varies from business to business. For quotes, fill out our request form.

How do I apply for this insurance plan?

Talk to us through the Contact Us page or send us an email. We can proceed with the initial consultation, where we can assess your business operations. From there, we can present to you several packages to choose from.

Is worker's compensation mandatory in my clinic?

Yes, in Australia, workers compensation is mandatory. However, the rules vary according to territory and state. This insurance helps both the business owner and the workers under your care in cases where they suffer injury or illness due to your business activities.