Specialised Cosmetic Medical Insurance for Aesthetic Practitioners & Service Providers

Safeguard your profession with a suitable health insurance package. 

Because cosmetic surgery comes with specific risks, practitioners in the field, such as cosmetic and plastic surgeons, should be covered with an insurance policy. Specialised cosmetic medical insurance can help mitigate these risks from potential claims to protect their reputation.

Do I need this type of insurance?

To ensure the physical and mental health of patients, practitioners undertaking cosmetic medical and surgical procedures must comply with the guidelines set by the Medical Board of Australia. This means taking into account a lot of variables, such as health risks whilst in the course of doing a procedure and making sure you follow a set of guidelines.  

To know your level of cover, it’s important to understand that cosmetic surgery is only an aspect of plastic surgery.

This insurance may also include cover for reconstructive surgery, which is another aspect of plastic surgery concerned with improving bodily function.

Who should be covered with this insurance?

This insurance plan is ideal for beauty and aesthetic practitioners performing cosmetic medical treatments.

In-Depth Coverage for Plastic Surgery and other Cosmetic Procedures

Choosing a private health insurance provider is crucial for your business and protection. Hire an agency that can create a specialised insurance plan that covers your needs. We can arrange in-depth insurance coverage, such as medical indemnity for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

Here are some of the procedures we may cover for you:

Cosmetic Surgery

On the other hand, these treatments or procedure aims to improve form and appearance by reshaping normal body structures. It can be a minor treatment or a major plastic surgery.


Private health insurance policies can cover these treatments:

Reconstructive Surgery

Specialists perform this procedure or treatment to correct abnormal body structures or deformity. This may be a result of congenital defects, infection, tumours, development abnormalities, trauma or diseases.

Some private health insurance policies may include reconstructive plastic surgery procedures:

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Sparrow Insurance can connect you to a network of medical insurers in Australia who can help arrange a flexible insurance policy. Likewise, we can conduct an assessment of your policy so we can maximise your insurance package. We also make sure your policy is up-to-date, based on several qualifying factors.

Our goal is to provide you with recommendations and insights on a suitable insurance policy that will help you secure your business from any unexpected damages and lawsuits.

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Does this insurance plan come with standard features?

At Sparrow Insurance, our dedicated team can simplify the process and make sure you comply with all the guidelines. We will assist you with the paperwork so you can focus more on your business operations.

How much does this insurance cost?

The costs will depend on several factors. These include the coverage, asset value, and company size. On average, the consultation fee is around $250.