Protect Your Business with Hair Salon Insurance

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At Sparrow Insurance, we pride ourselves as the leaders in beauty insurance in Australia. Under beauty insurance, we also offer salon insurance. Read on to learn more about salon insurance packages.

What is Salon Insurance?

When working at a beauty or hair salon, things could go wrong anytime. Salon insurance helps protect your business from risks. Salon policy has several other types of covers as detailed here.

Types of Insurance Offered under Salon Insurance

Home salon insurance

Working from home as a beauty therapist can pose several risks to your business. For example, your hair straightener could burn your furniture. In another scenario, a break-in may happen, leading to the theft of your equipment. Insurance products for home salons can help you cover loss and damage at times like this.

Spray Tanner Studio Insurance

Skin tanning receives criticism over skin cancer and premature skin ageing conditions. If you’re a skin tanning p, you cannot afford to run a studio without a good insurance policy for your business. This protects you against any claims from customers. It also covers mistakes during the process that may lead to business interruption.

Hair salon insurance

This policy is ideal for people dealing with hair beauty, treatments, and barbershops. This can protect your equipment within the hair salons and any public liability against your business.

Nail Salon Insurance

The product covers general liability claims from customers and members of the public against your business. The policy also gives protection against employees, property, and general business insurance for your nail spa.

Tattoo insurance

Tattooing has become a popular practice globally. But, the practice doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. Tattoo artists can make mistakes while working on a customer. As a piece of general advice, a liability cover is essential for all tattoo studio owners.

Day Spa Insurance

Day spas help people feel good and relax after having hectic days. The business is lucrative in Australia but also involves some risks.

The package offers a general liability insurance, employee compensation liability, and public liability insurance.

Beauty salon insurance

Beauty salons receive different clients each day. If your beauty salon deals with hair, makeup, or facial treatments, this beauty salon policy can protect you from any risks. After you get this product, you don’t have to worry about customer complaints or business interruption with this cover.

Salon Chain and Franchise Insurance

If you own many salons under the same name or franchised your salon business, you can get a cover to suit your business needs.

The cover protects against theft by employees, any legal fees if customers or employees sue your business. You can now start a safe franchise for your salon business without worrying about risks.

What's covered under Salon Insurance?

There are three policy covers under this category.

Property Cover

General Liability Cover

Product Liability Cover

Why do you Need Salon Cover? There are many benefits for business owners who get a salon cover, as shown here.

save-money Saves you money in the long run

Imagine you’ve invested a lot of money in your salon business for many years. Then, in a day, something happens, making you lose your investment.

Some of the eventualities include fire, theft, or even legal charges by customers. With a cover, you can rest assured that in case of anything, you’re sorted.

review Makes customers trust you

Customers are careful about where to seek beauty services or products. Everyone wants to visit a reputable beauty salon. If you display certificates of insurance all over the walls of your salon, you can earn a customer’s trust.

Who Should Avail Salon Cover Packages?

Salon Franchise owners 

If you own a franchise of beauty salons, it’s time to protect your investment with our salon packages.

Independent Contractors

If you own a beauty salon at home, risks can come about damaging your home, property, or clients' belongings. Thus, insurance cover is necessary for your business.

Rented chair beauty therapists

If you own a salon or you’ve rented a chair, you should mitigate your company against any possible risks.

Get Salon Insurance for your Business

These are the steps you’ll follow when you’re finally ready to get a premium cover from Sparrow Insurance.

Salon insurance can mean security for your business. It’s now time to contact us for the most comprehensive insurance policy for your beauty industry. With us, you’re assured of timely responses, reliability, and customer support. Don’t wait until a risk attacks your business, act now!