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Sparrow Insurance is a trusted insurance broker in Australia. We offer complete and customized business insurance packages for beauticians and salon owners. Our packages are designed to secure your investments from unexpected financial losses. We can also cover you from any lawsuits against your products and services.

Protecting your investment should always be on top of the list. With the right business insurance, you can secure your reputation and valuable assets!

Types of Insurance Policy We Offer Aussie Beautician

Being in the hair, beauty, and cosmetics sector imposes many risks. A lot can go wrong, and sometimes it can be out of your control. At Sparrow Insurance, we can give you more security to your investment. We will assess your business operations and your requirements. This allows us to create the right insurance package for you and your business. 

Here are some insurance covers that you can have to create a custom insurance package that will meet and cover all your needs:

Commercial Property Insurance

This is one of the most important insurance coverage every beauty business owner should check. This type of insurance is useful in events wherein there is property damage to your equipment, furniture, inventory when your property suffers from fire, storm, or theft.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As beauty therapists, you and your employees will no doubt be giving professional advice and treatment. In the event that such advice or services result in damage, injury, or a lawsuit, or any professional indemnity, this type of salon insurance will cover it.

Public Liability Insurance

Whenever there are accidents that happen within your property that resulted in injury or death, no doubt that you would be held liable for it. Public liability insurance makes sure that you are covered financially and protected from lawsuits whenever this happens. This is an important salon insurance cover that all hair, beauty, and nail businesses need.

Workers Compensation

Another insurance policy you should have on top of the list is the workers’ compensation. Not only will this secure the financial aspect of your employees, but this is also something that employees would look forward to when applying for a job. This insurance can cover medical treatment, disability and this will even cover death benefits. This is a benefiting type of salon insurance policy.

Product Liability Insurance

As a beautician, you should prioritize this coverage. This will cover you from any lawsuits or complaints against your products and services. It includes property damages, injuries, and other incidents.

Beauty Insurance That Sparrow Insurance offer in Australia

Not sure if your business should have insurance? Generally, all and every type of business should have insurance. This helps you secure your assets and keep your investments safe, especially when it comes to your financials. Here are some of the businesses that avail of our services:

Hair Salons

Spa Salons

Nail Salons

Beauty Salons

Hair Beauty Products

Cosmetics Store

Protect your valuable asset! Secure your business from liability. Get Insured today!

Avoid the hassle and get the right business insurance with Sparrow Insurance today! A sure and fast way to have business insurance ready for your beauty business. The steps are quite easy and we have listed them down below for your convenience.

  • Step 1: Visit our website or contact us through a phone call to know more about the insurance packages we offer and what package best fits your business.
  • Step 2: Learn more about the insurances you should avail of and create a customized insurance policy specifically for your business.
  • Step 3: Get a quote from us!

Availing of business insurance and services should not be hard and this is what Sparrow Insurance believes in, so avail of insurance today and protect your business from future liability. Never hesitate to do what is best for your business today! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Insurance for Beauticians FAQs

Are there many types of insurance?

Yes, there are a lot of insurances and some types are more useful for specific businesses than others. This is why you need to know and learn about the types of insurance to know which one best suits your business that will cover all your needs.

Is salon insurance important?

Salon insurance is important for any business in the beauty world. This will protect your business from unexpected losses that you might probably have a hard time paying off. Sometimes accidents can be costly, and you could lose all your investments in one day. Make sure to keep them safe and protected with the right coverage.

What are your other services?

We offer a variety of services or insurance for our clients. You can check our list of insurance services here:

Where can I find your website?

You can easily click on this link to find our website and get a quote today. We also provide a summary of our packages and what they cover: