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Find the Best Insurance for Your Business

You need to consider the best insurance products for your business. In the beauty industry, this statement applies to any commercial or salon business. You need to be insured to make sure your business wouldn’t suffer from financial consequences.

Look for the best insurance quotes and policies from these types of insurance for your success:

Professional Indemnity

If your stylist burns your client’s hair, it will be a problem. It’s because the client can file a complaint against you. If this continues to happen, you might lose your business.

You need professional indemnity insurance to protect your employee and your business. This can cover public liability, your defense, and settlement costs.

Public Liability Insurance

Someone could get injured in your beauty shop while receiving salon service. When this happens, you are responsible for the compensation. That’s why you need public liability insurance to cover them for any third party property damage or injury they may be caused by products sold or types of equipment used in the salon business to take care of it.

Business Insurance

Fire outbreaks, calamities, and thievery in the shop can happen. Also, you cannot predict any of this when it happens. Thus, you need to protect your business from these unwarranted incidents. In the beauty industry, both salon business at home or commercial property can experience these. You need to get insured to cover for the losses or damages.

Protect the Success of Your Business Through Insurance

Insurance is the only effective way to protect all the key factors that allow you to keep your business activities running. Your business is easily vulnerable to business interruption without insurance.

In the beauty industry, both Proprietary Limited (PTY LTD) salon company or home salons need liability insurance. In the event that you experience damage to property, you need your insurance. Fixing your damaged property with your insurance will have your business back in no time. Also, you don’t have to use your hard-earned money because of it.

Avail a specialized insurance package so you could protect:

Salon Employees

In the beauty industry, you need beauty stylists, barbers, beauty therapists, manicurists, and the likes to run your shop. They’re the ones who can provide the needs of your clients.

You need insurance products to protect your employees in case of injuries. Insurance cover for your employee’s medical fees and lost wages.

Salon Property Owner

As a commercial (PTY LTD) or home business owners, anticipate future issues. You need to know how you can face possible future mishaps. This includes finding the right indemnifications from a reliable insurer. Business indemnity insurance products like public liability insurance can help you with that.

For instance, if your beauty therapist gave bad general advice, this could affect your business. This can ruin the reputation of your business. But with professional indemnity, this can cover the financial consequences.

Moreover, a commercial or home salon can have property damages or stolen pieces of equipment. Insurance can protect you from losing money due to these kinds of business problems.

How to Get a Beauty Salon Insurance

  • Step 1. You can call us through our hotline or just email us! We have a customer service representative ready to serve you 24/7.
  • Step 2. Get informed about the business insurance product.
  • Step 3. Wait for updates from authorised representative!
  • Step 4. Get an advantageous resolution for your claims.


We created this list of commonly asked questions for you:

How much does salon insurance cost?

It depends on the size of your salon, location, financial situation, and your number of employees. However, it is likely to cost around $2,900 per year (approx. $240/month) in Australia.

Is it important for me to get my beauty shop insured?

Yes, in fact, it should be one of your priorities in handling your business. All types of insurance business products are important in the beauty industry.

What type of insurance package do I need to get for my salon?

You need a salon insurance package that includes general liability insurance at least. However, consider other factors of your business such as your property and employees as well.

Do I need to get insured if I am a salon chair renter?

Yes, absolutely! Chair renters also need salon insurance protection because they face the same type of risks that salon owners do.

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