Hair Salon Insurance

Arrange a protective cover suitable for your hair salon business

Even if you know the ins and outs in the beauty industry, mishaps can still happen any time—from damage due to chemicals, wrong haircut or hair colour, or injury to your hairdresser, to name a few.

It can be traumatic for your client and to you if your business is held liable for incidents due to damage or injury.

Do I need Hair Salon Insurance?

Just like any other businesses, hair salon business owners also have a lot to think about. The everyday operations at a hair salon involve customer satisfaction and responsibility to employees. There’s also taking care of property and tools of the trade.

When things go wrong, you may use business insurance to protect both the business and the employees from related claims.

Types of Cover that a Hair Salon Business Need

Many hair salons find public liability insurance essential. Others also add worker’s compensation to help take care of their employees. Choosing from a range of business insurance options can be overwhelming, so we’ll help you customise your policy.

Public Liability Insurance

Slips and falls, chemical hazards, accidental spills, scissor cuts—these are common incidents that can happen when you are in close contact with your clients. And most of these unlikely events can sustain injury or property damage.

This business insurance provides legal and medical coverage for mishaps that happen to your client, supplier, or any member of the public if they suffer injury or property damage as a result of your hair salon activities.

Professional Liability Insurance

Your clients go to you for professional advice, but like all people, you can make mistakes too. If your client files a claim against incorrect advice or dissatisfied service, it can hurt your business financially.

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects your business from costs associated with the legal action because of negligence or allegations of unsatisfactory quality service.

General Property and Stock Insurance

This type of business insurance covers damage or loss of contents in your beauty salon, as well as to your tools of the trade, such as hairdressing equipment and hair products you keep in stock.

Typically, this insurance covers accidental damage to the equipment you use, theft, or other perils such as flood or fire. You can also use this insurance to cover the replacement of stocks in case of theft, damage, or loss whilst in transit.

Business Interruption Cover

To protect your business against loss of income, consider adding business interruption as an insurance policy. This insurance cover is helpful in events when you’re unable to operate because of flood, fire, theft, or accidental damage that forces you to close up for some time.

Worker’s Compensation

Your employees are also at risk for work-related injury and illness whilst performing their services. This can range from accidents due to hair chemicals or stress injuries such as carpal tunnel from cutting hair.

You need to prepare a worker’s compensation insurance to help cover wage replacements and medical bills.

Get in touch with Sparrow Insurance

At Sparrow Insurance, we take the time to assess your needs as a business owner. We understand the risks that hair and beauty salons face, and we’re here to give you general advice and insights into what business insurance works for you.

With our partner insurers in Australia, we may be able to cover these professionals in the beauty salon business:

  • Hairdressers
  • Barbers
  • Hair Stylists
  • Hair Colourists
  • Mobile Hairdressers
  • Freelance Hairdressers

Let us recommend you with suitable business insurance. Get a professional insurance review or contact us today.

FAQs on Hair Salon Insurance

How much is hair salon insurance in Australia?

The cost of a hair salon insurance in Australia depends on the level of cover you would get. If you’re a small business, that would matter too. Other factors also affect the cost: size of your hair salon business, number of employees, and location.

If I provide my hair, beauty, and nail services at home, do I still need business insurance?

Yes! Hairstylists providing services at home need insurance in case accidents happen. Like any other beauty salon business, you can also face the same liability risks.