Hair Salon Insurance in Australia

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In need of a hair salon or hairdresser insurance for your business in Australia? We got you! We have a variety of packages for your needs! In Sparrow Insurance, our products are customized to fit your unique needs. Be it for a small or huge company, we can find the right one for you.

Do the right decision by protecting your shop with these insurance products

Negligence of business issues could reflect on your revenue. With this, it's best that you prepare for any possible unfortunate turn of events. Don't wait for a business interruption before you do something. You don't want your shop to go downhill that way. Prepare yourself by getting a salon insurance package.

Choose the Right Insurance Policy for Your Hair Salon Biz in Australia

General Liability For Salon

This type of insurance cover salon mishaps. If your customer gets injured inside the salon, you are responsible to pay the medical costs. This type of insurance cover property damage as well. You can use it when an unexpected calamity damages your property. You cannot expect these circumstances to happen. That is why you need this to cover the expense. 

Professional Liability Insurance

Whether you are a big or small business owner, you need public liability insurance. Your beauty salon is most likely going to give general hair and beauty tips to your clients. With this, you are responsible for the result of the general advice you are giving. This is why you need to protect your shop from claims of negligence. Your customers can sue you for providing incorrect advice or if they become dissatisfied with your service.

Salon Business Owner’s Policy

This is a combined property and business insurance. It works like general insurance. You can use this to cover possible injury claims that can happen inside the shop. Moreover, it can cover property damages, including those due to fire or earthquakes. If you want to take care of both third-party accidents and property damages, you should choose this insurance package.

Salon Worker’s Compensation

You need to prepare business insurance to cover your worker’s compensation. You need to help your employee if he or she gets sick or injured while working. The insurance package covers medical expenses and lost wages.


Simple Steps to Avail a Hair Salon Insurance in AU

  • Reach our customer representative through email or phone. We are available 24/7.
  • Gather information.
  • Wait for updates.
  • Get a favorable resolution for your claim.

Hair Salon Insurance to Protect You and Your Employees

Hair salon owners like you need insurance to protect your entire shop. You can achieve it through an insurance package. Take note that every business insurance package has different benefits. However, every business insurance can cover the following:

Salon Owners in Australia

As a salon owner, you need to protect yourself from future business issues. Any beauty salon business faces potential risks like theft, for instance. That’s why you need to protect it from any potential mishaps.

Salon Employees in AU

Your employees help you run a smooth beauty salon business. With this, it makes sense why you need insurance. In the event that they experience work-related injuries or diseases, they can use the worker’s compensation insurance. Moreover, this insurance can cover both medical expenses and lost wages.

FAQs About Hair Salon Insurance in Australia

If I provide my hair, beauty, and nail services at home, do I need business insurance?

Yes! Home-based hairstylists need insurance in case accidents happen. Like any other salon business, you can also face the same liability risks.

Can I use my personal car for business trips or should I get a commercial car for it?

You need a business-insured car for your business trips. This is because personal auto policies exclude business trips from your insurance.

Are hair salon booth renters considered independent contractors or workers?

Salon booth renters should classify themselves as independent contractors. This way can help avoid unnecessary employment tax.

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