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Sparrow Insurance is a trusted insurance broker in Australia. Our mission is to provide comprehensive insurance packages for beauty therapists, at a reasonable rate. We can create a customized insurance package that suits your budget and requirements.

Over the years, we have helped businesses of all sizes beauty industry secure their valuable assets and reputation through our custom business insurance. At Sparrow Insurance, we value our partnerships with small business owners. This is why our team makes sure they understand your needs to recommend the most suitable business insurance for you.

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What is a hairdresser insurance?

Business risks come in different forms. They vary depending on several factors. These include the industry you’re in, business location, your products and services, and the client base you serve. Insurance for beauty therapists and hairdressers are customized to protect any hair beauty business against these risks.

Hairdressers are always at risk when performing these tasks:

Providing standard hair services such as bleaching, conditioning, straightening, permanent waving

Styling and dying hair with various hair products

Cleaning and sanitizing equipment

Shaving/trimming beards and mustaches

You need to be cautious when performing the above-stated tasks. One single mistake during your salon work can lead to financial and reputational loss. With salon business insurance in place, you can protect yourself from everyday risks.

Let our team ease the burden on your shoulders. Don’t hesitate to consult us when choosing an insurance package for your business. With flexible business insurance policies to choose from, you have a say in how your business insurance works.

We offer flexible insurance packages!

The cover that a small business requires will depend on the type of operation, the location, and other considerations. Here at Sparrow Insurance, our packages are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of every hairdresser and salon owner. Here are recommended beauty therapy insurance packages for hair and beauty service providers:

Business Interruption

The business interruption insurance provides financial assistance in case your operations have been suspended due to a catastrophic event. It should help you deal with the continuity of business income or cash flow. 


Replacing all lost or damaged items is expensive. Getting a comprehensive insurance policy can secure your valuable business assets. This includes your salon equipment, beauty products, and other stocks. The scope of our beauty therapist insurance may also help you deal with stolen items. Our policy may replace them or you can get reimbursement. 

General Property

Covers all mobile equipment and stock, as you move from location to location.
This can also be added to other business insurance to tailor your insurance to meet your needs.


This policy is for your clinic glass is shattered by an event. Most landlords require this under your lease agreement.


Has the thought of armed robbers storming your property ever crossed your mind? With this policy, you have nothing to fear. This provides cover for when your business suffers a robbery.

Products Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects your business in the unfortunate event that a customer has been injured by one of your products.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In a worst-case scenario, some chemical products might get into your client’s eye while you’re bleaching their hair. This would then lead them to get medical attention and filing a legal claim against you.

Protect your business against lawsuits and third-party claims. Professional indemnity insurance covers the legal costs for when you have to defend your name and reputation in court.

Public Liability Insurance

You can rely on public liability insurance when a customer sues you after they suffer injuries from slipping and falling in your property.

Who is covered by this insurance?

Our business insurance packages are ideal for the following clientele:

  • Barbers
  • Home-based beauticians or hairdressers
  • Mobile-based beauticians or hairdressers
  • Independent beauty contractors
  • Hair and nail salon owners
  • Salon franchises


How much public liability does my business need?

The cover you require will depend largely on where you operate your salon from. If you operate from somewhere other than a fixed salon, then your requirements will be slightly different.

Are there differences in cover between policies?

Business insurance costs will differ from one client to another. Not all policies will cover all activities or services offered by every salon.

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