Laser Hair Removal Insurance For Businesses in Australia

Get your business insured with a comprehensive insurance package

Like other insurance, laser hair removal services continue to dominate the Australian beauty market. Like any hair beauty businesses out there, there are also risks with managing a Laser Hair removal business. So, it’s a must to protect your business with a comprehensive insurance package.

With many insurance companies offering insurance plans, it can be a challenge finding the right provider. This is where we can help you. We got you covered!

Here at Sparrow Insurance, we understand how tricky things could get when finding the right insurance policies. With our insurance packages, we can help you get cover for your clinic or salon’s hair removal and laser treatments, products, and even equipment. Let’s get you insured.

Flexible Laser Hair Removal Insurance Policies to Suit Your Needs

Not all insurance policies are created equal. In fact, laser treatment is generally excluded from many insurance plans. If you’re looking for an insurance company in Australia offering cover for laser hair removal treatments, you can count on us.

Our team makes sure to understand the specific requirements of your Laser Hair removal business. After careful assessment, we can recommend a customised plan that covers all your needs. You have the freedom to choose from different coverage options tailed just for you.

With our wide-ranging insurance policies, you can rest assured that every aspect of your business is covered.

Business Pack Insurance

Beauty salons and clinics have a lot of stock and equipment on-site. If these get damaged in some way or stolen, your business is not likely to operate at full capacity. This is why getting the right insurance is so important.

With this business insurance, you can get cover for insured events like theft, fire, and property damage. So, make sure to consider these events along with the other risks involved with the specific treatments you provide. Contact us to learn more about this package.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

You can’t get any laser treatment done without a functioning laser hair removal machine such as an intense Pulsed Light laser beam machine(IPL). What happens when one of these machines breaks down? Your daily operations might have to temporarily stop as you get a machine fixed or replaced.

Get back on track right away with this insurance policy. This provides cover for the costs of repairing or replacing your equipment and profit loss due to business interruption. You can confidently perform laser hair removal treatment without worrying about machine breakdown.

Professional Indemnity

This policy is designed to protect laser hair removal businesses from the costs arising from both a breach in professional duty and malpractice. Think of the legal costs when clearing your reputation against allegations of misconduct or malpractice. As per the Workplace Health & Safety Act, you may even be required to pay compensation to the accuser.

With this insurance, you can get cover for all these risks. Protect your hair beauty businesses from the smallest breach in any laws or allegations of malpractice. Secure this insurance for your business to recover from the financial and reputational loss.

Public and Products Liability

Just like the above-mentioned policy, this one also protects your hair beauty business from allegations. This policy is for when a third party obtains personal injury or property damage due to staff negligence. It also covers third-party claims of personal injury due to the products you use before and after treatments.

These products may include hair reduction gel, hair removal creams, or any other product that inhibits hair growth. Clients may file a claim from suffering adverse side effects using these products. With Products Liability, you can ensure that you have the resources to recover financially from these claims.

Worker's Compensation

Handling a laser hair removal machine comes with risks. Your staff can get hurt or injured while performing laser hair removal treatment. This policy should cover employee compensation for you.

It can be financially devastating on your part without the above insurance policies. That’s why you have to protect your business, clients and employees with the right policies tailored for your needs. When you have the right insurance in place, you can provide laser hair removal treatment with ease.

Who can avail of this insurance plan?

Our insurance policies specifically include laser hair removal treatments. We can create a customised plan for these clients in Australia:

  • Laser Hair Removal Clinic or Salon Owner
  • Laser Hair Removal Practitioners
  • Other Beauty Salon or Clinic Workers

FAQ About Laser Hair Removal Insurance in AU

Which policies does my business need?

There are several factors at play here. If you have employees or staff working for you, then you have to secure worker’s compensation. Public and products liability is a standard for businesses dealing with the public.

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