Laser Hair Removal Insurance

Get your business insured with a suitable insurance package specific to your industry.

Hair removal services continue to grow. According to a 2020 report by GlobeNewswire, the global beauty market for hair removal products is estimated to reach $1.7 billion by 2027. As a professional in the laser hair removal industry in Australia, you can use this data to put your business at an advantage as you build from the ground up—especially that laser hair removal is becoming a more popular alternative than traditional hair shaving.

But it can be overwhelming to think of protecting your reputation and securing your future finances altogether.

Because like any beauty businesses, there are everyday risks with managing a laser hair removal business. The risks may involve injury or damage because of the hair reduction products or body hair treatments you use. There are also risks with the daily interactions you have with your customers. As protection, securing a suitable salon insurance package makes up for a safety net for your finances.

Why do you need this insurance?

Performing laser hair removal poses specific, high risks. Even if noninvasive and performed correctly, the treatment can develop skin reactions like burns and rashes and other adverse side effects.

It can be difficult for you if something goes wrong while you provide laser hair removal treatments. And if a client brings a compensation claim, it can be financially stressful for your business. 

Who is covered by this insurance plan?

Specific to this industry, an insurance company can arrange a customised plan for these clients:

Flexible Insurance Policies to Suit Your Specific Business Needs

Insurance policies have varied policy inclusions. In most instances, laser treatments are generally excluded from many health insurance plans, but they can be arranged.

Here are some insurance covers for your business:

Business Pack Insurance

Beauty salons and clinics have a lot of stock and equipment on-site. If these get stolen or damaged, your business is not likely to operate at full capacity.

With this business insurance, you can get cover for insured events like theft, fire, and property damage. Make sure to consider these events along with the other risks involved with the specific treatments you provide. 

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

You can’t get any laser treatment done without a functioning laser hair removal machine. When these machines break down, your daily operations might have to temporarily stop as you get them fixed or replaced.

With a machinery breakdown insurance, you can provide cover for the costs of repairing or replacing your equipment and profit loss due to business interruption.

This policy is designed to protect your business from the costs arising from breach of professional duty or malpractice. This can be in a form of an incorrect advice such as recommending a procedure for hair growth instead of hair reduction.

Think of the legal costs when clearing your reputation against allegations of misconduct or malpractice. As per the Workplace Health & Safety Act, you may even be required to pay compensation to the claimant.

Public and Products Liability

When a third party obtains personal injury or property damage whilst you’re performing business activities, you can turn to public and products liability. It also covers third-party claims of personal injury due to the products you use before and after treatment.

The products may include laser hair removal treatments such as hair reduction gel, hair removal creams, or any other product that inhibits hair growth. Clients may file a claim for suffering adverse side effects using these products. 

Worker's Compensation

Handling a laser hair removal machine comes with risks. Your staff can get hurt or injured whilst performing laser treatments. This policy can cover employee compensation for you.

Worker’s compensation insurance is also mandatory in Australia, although the rules and regulations may vary from territory or state.

Get in Touch with Sparrow Insurance

With many insurance policies, it can be overwhelming to choose a suitable insurance package. This is where Sparrow Insurance can help you. 

Here at Sparrow Insurance, we understand how tricky things could get when finding the right insurance policies. And with the unique risks that come with handling laser hair removal, we can help identify which ones you need. 

With our team of insurers in Australia, we will take into account the specific requirements for your laser hair removal business. After careful assessment, we can recommend a customised plan.

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How much does this insurance cost?

The cost will depend on the coverage you choose. Factors like your business size, specific services, and the number of employees will also affect the cost.

Is laser hair removal treatment covered by insurance for folliculitis?

In some cases where laser treatment is deemed medically necessary due to a body condition or infection, such as when the hair follicle becomes inflamed, it may be partially or fully covered.