Mobile Beauty Therapist Insurance

Arrange a customised insurance to protect your beauty business while you work mobile

Like all small businesses, there are risks when operating a mobile business. Unexpected problems may happen when you’re out and about for work. And when you go to your clients’ homes to do the procedures, some incidents can quickly escalate. Preparing for the risks through customised business insurance is like saving up for a rainy day.

When deciding to protect your business from risks, insurance for mobile beauty therapists is a key consideration.

Do I Need This Type of Insurance?

As beauty therapists, you face your clients personally, opening yourself to higher risks. It can be rewarding when your clients look good and feel good at the end of therapy, but likewise, it can be risky on your end.

Allergic reactions, hot wax spills, nail infections—these are just some public liability risks. And if you’re on the go, there can be loss of tools, hair equipment, or damage to client property . . . and a lot more. Accidents are unavoidable, but they can be mitigated with business insurance policies.

Who are at risk?

Every professional in the beauty industry needs business insurance, and whether they have their own business or under a company.

  • Cosmetologists
  • Beauticians
  • Therapists
  • Assistants

What Insurance Policies Do You Need?

As a beauty therapist, you would need two common insurance products to protect your reputation and practice: professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity should cover you from losses claims made against you due to alleged negligence regarding your professional service or advice. This insurance cover also assists with the legal costs responding to each claim.

Public Liability Insurance

Even mobile salon services need public liability insurance. In the event your client or a member of the public sustains injuries as a result of your therapy activities, you can turn to public liability insurance to cover the cost of claims. Public liability insurance may also cover property damage.

Other insurances that business owners can add to their insurance policy:

Products Liability Insurance

Salons come with skin and hair beauty products that are available for clients. This liability insurance will assist with legal expenses against claims made by your clients for products that may have caused damage.

Equipment Insurance

Managing a salon business can be costly. It requires expensive tools and equipment. Equipment insurance may cover you for property damage to your tools of the trade. This policy may also cover for stolen equipment.

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Business insurance can be overwhelming on your end, but we’ll help you get through it with insights and advice so you can be more confident with the right type of cover for your business. Our partner insurers in Australia are available to arrange a customised package fit for your needs.

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How much does it cost?

Sparrow Insurance offers the best price for each insurance policy. We also can customise a package to meet your budget and requirements. Call us for the insurance quotes.

Do I need workers compensation insurance?

In Australia, if you employ staff, like nail technicians or hairdressers, it is mandatory to have workers compensation insurance. However, the rules may vary from one territory or state.