Nail Salon Insurance

Customised insurance package for business protection against claims due to accidents and injury.

Whether you specialise in providing manicure and pedicure services or nail art, you open your doors to a lot of risks. Despite a lawsuit, nail salon insurance can be the protection to keep your business operating. 

Do I need insurance for my nail salon?

When you operate a nail salon, you come in close contact with your clients. They come to you to get pampered. But as with any other beauty businesses, things can quickly go wrong. It can start with your nail technician accidentally cutting a client with nail scissors or a client having an allergic reaction to the adhesives you use. There are many risks involved in running a nail salon, and liability claims can arise, which can eventually hurt your business. 

Common risks faced by nail salons:

  • Infected nails
  • Allergic reaction to chemicals
  • Cuts from nail equipment
  • Slips and falls
  • Unsatisfactory work
  • Wrong nail beauty advice

These risks can be mitigated with the help of nail salon insurance, which can be customised to include other liability insurance policies. You can cover both the business and the workers under your care as the business owner.

What insurance do nail salons need?

The beauty of insurances is that they can come in different packages, so you have the option of which ones you want to include in your policy.

Here are the different kinds of insurance covers that you can choose from to create a customised insurance package for your business:

Public Liability Insurance

What happens when your business activities cause accidents and injuries and you do not have the insurance to cover for it? A lot of complaints, a possible lawsuit, and financial problems. Public liability insurance is designed to protect in the event a client, a supplier, or a member of the public is injured or sustained property damage because of negligent business activities.

Commercial Property Insurance

What does commercial property insurance cover? Events wherein your business gets destroyed because of explosions, fire, storms, theft may be covered by commercial property insurance. You may also add in the destruction of property because of floods and earthquakes, but this isn’t typically covered by this type of business insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Giving professional nail beauty advice ties you to the responsibility of whatever happens because of that advice. PI is designed to protect you from liability claims arising from allegations of poor service, wrong advice or negligence of professional duty. It can also assist you with the legal costs associated with the claim.

Workers Compensation Insurance

For uncontrollable factors that cause your employee to get injured, sick, or hospitalised because of your business activities, workers compensation comes in handy. This business insurance will cover hospital and medical bills, even funeral bills in case of death.

Get in Touch with Sparrow Insurance

If you’re looking to ensure your nail salon but don’t know which business insurance to add to your policy, you can ask assistance from Sparrow Insurance. Whether your own a salon shop in a commercial property or you provide mobile nails services, we may be able to assist you with customised business insurance. With the help of our network of insurers in Australia, we can offer you insights on which salon insurance products best fits your business.

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How much does insurance for nail salons cost?

The cost of business insurance depends on several variables: the size and location of your business, types of insurance cover, and number of employees.

Is worker's compensation required for my salon business?

Worker’s compensation is mandatory in Australia; however, there are different rules in place for every state and territory. It’s designed to cover your business and assists your nail technician when they suffer injury or illness whilst in the performance of your business activities.