Salon Chain and Franchise Insurance In Australia

Secure your salon chain or franchise with transparent insurance offers.

The whole salon and beauty industry in Australia experiences certain risks every day. This is why the demand for tailor-made insurance is becoming more popular among salon business owners. Insurance companies give these beauty businesses the security they need.

Here at Sparrow Insurance, we provide insurance products and services that salon owners can easily avail of any time. Our insurance packages are tailor-made and you won’t easily find in other insurance programs. This is part of our insurance solutions to cater to the specific needs of the salon industry.

Our Offers Include Flexible Insurance Policies For Salon Chains in AU

Our insurance service is perfect for both new and seasoned players in the salon business. With our tailor-made insurance packages, you can get the following insurance policies:

Commercial Property

You need to ensure that your salons are in proper condition. But then, unforeseen events like vandalism, smoke, fire, and flood could damage your property any time. With this policy, your property is protected at all times.

Public Injuries

You can’t avoid legal claims like personal injury. At any given moment, a client could trip and fall and injure themselves while in your small business premises. This policy protects your beauty salon chain or franchise name against third-party claims.

Employment Practices

Cover your business from lawsuits related to wrong workplace conducts. These acts include sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and any negative experience. So, get your business insured and protect your chain name.

Workers' Compensation

This policy is for when general insurance fails to cover your employees. With this policy, you can cover their expenses and wage loss if they’re unable to work in a day or more due to job-related injuries.

Commercial Auto-Insurance

Your personal automobile insurance may not cover the vehicle you use for your business operations. A commercial auto-insurance steps in here. Cover your vehicle while using it for the daily operations of your franchises.

Business Interruption

Unfortunate events may interrupt your salon business operations. Under this policy, you don’t have to worry about revenue loss caused by these events.

Who Should Avail of these Insurance Packages?

We know the ins and outs of the beauty and hair salon franchise business in Australia. If you fall under the following professional categories, contact us:

Salon Business Franchisor

Are you a new or professional salon chain owner? Nothing is as important as protecting your investment. With our specialized packages, you can rest assured that your franchises are secure.

Salon Chain Owners

No matter where your salons are in Australia, we have the right cover for you. Our flexible insurance packages can provide cover for any aspect of your business, including the service you offer.

Salon Chain an Franchise Insurance FAQs

Which insurance package can cover my needs?

With standard features and benefits, our packages are designed to protect salon franchises. Contact our team so we can find the best package that can meet your professional needs.

What features are included in every package?

Our insurance packages include the policies stated above, like business interruption. You can also request for additional coverage. Get in touch with us for more information.

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