Spray Tanner Studio Insurance to Protect Your Business

Get the best insurance cover for your Spray Tanning business in Australia!

The beauty industry is booming, and many clients go to spray tanning salons. Customers are in the lookout for the best tanning salon in their place — and they may come to you.

Insurance Policies Guaranteed to Minimize Your Business Risks

Yes, you may have the best spray tanning salon, but accidents can happen. Your salon may experience machine damages, or your beauty therapist can make accidental mistakes. That is why you need insurance for your business.

You are ready to kick off your business. Plus, you have the best therapists and tanning machines. Complete that with a spray tanning insurance to make sure that you get more business gains than losses. Our insurance cover including the following:

Public Liability Insurance

When a customer is at your salon, you can be held responsible for them and their property. Public Liability Insurance will cover customer claims of property damage and loss.

Property Insurance​

If one of your machines suddenly breaks, or if a natural disaster causes damage to your business property, this insurance will cover it. Property insurance can help ease your concerns during unprecedented events.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This type of insurance will cover customers’ claims that your product or service made them lose money. The money loss may be because of your therapists’ mistakes or ineffective and unsatisfactory service. You can protect yourself and your therapist with professional liability. At the same time, this insurance will cover the compensation demands of your client.

Products Liability Insurance

Products Liability Insurance is applied when a customer buys and uses your product, and it caused an injury. The insurance will cover any damage claims by your clients. If your client says that they got burned after using your product, the insurance can cover their treatment and demands.

Who Can Benefit from Sparrow Insurance's Beauty Tanning Salon Insurance?

The people who are involved in your beauty business can take advantage of the things that tanning insurance provides.

Professional Tanning Therapists​

In the beauty industry, most of the time, the salon business has to cover the costs of the mistake of a beauty therapist. In order to protect the worker’s own money, there is a need for the business owner to provide them with professional indemnity insurance.

Your Clients

If a customer claim mishaps in your salon, your beauty insurance policy can cover the costs of their demands. It will be a win-win situation for both of you. You only pay for the upfront minimal insurance costs. The liability insurance will cover the bigger expenses for you.

Tanning Salon Owner

As a business owner, you are responsible for the liability of your business. It is really best for you if you get insurance. It will lessen the risks and losses that come when having a business.

Your Tanning Salon's Investors

Insurance will cover all the liability for your business. Because of that, your investors will be happy. Even if there are some beauty mishaps made, they will only have gains from your business.

Get Protected Now!

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Spray Tanner Studio Insurance FAQ's

Do you need a license to give spray tans?

No, you do not. But in order for an insurance company to cover you, you have to be an authorized professional therapist. In order to be authorized, you have to be trained by someone with TAE qualification (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

How much does a spray tan typically cost?

A full body spray tan in Australia costs 25 AUD – 40 AUD. The price will depend on what service it will cover.

Can a spray tan last a month?

It could only last for seven to ten days. But there are products that you can buy to make your tan stay longer. To learn more about Spray tanning, visit our website today!