Tattoo Insurance and Body Piercing Insurance for Artists and Businesses

You may find it challenging to find insurance if you are a body piercing or tattoo artist. It is because there are several stereotypes associated with the tattoo industry business. But with Sparrow Insurance, we will link you to the best insurance solution for your needs.

Trusted Tattoo Insurance in Australia

Building a tattoo businesses based in Australia comes with risks. To grow your business you need to review what are my liabilities so that I can be profitable. In setting up your piercing or cosmetic tattoo parlour, you must think of the risks. You should look for a business insurance policy that will protect you against potential claims.

Property Insurance

Your tattoo studio is prone to many accidents. In the case of studio, fires, and other damages, it pays to be insured. With property insurance, your building is secured from certain risks that may occur. This will provide property owners assistance in times of stress. It safeguards the cosmetic tattoo studio from financial loss. This insurance will also cover piercing guns, tattoo materials, and other stuff. 

Professional Indemnity

There are times when customers complain about your services. If this happens, it is best to have a Professional indemnity insurance. This insurance will protect you from claims for legal action taken against you. These actions could stem from services or advice that you have given clients.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

If you have a piercing or tattoo business, cover for your workers is very important. This insurance protects your employees from work-related injuries. It also covers medical expenses until they get better.

Product Liability Insurance

Cosmetic Tattoo parlours offer products as an after care service. If a situation arises from the product, you might be held liable. But with product liability insurance, you are covered even if infections happen to the client. Product Liability insurance focuses on the products sold within your body piercing and cosmetic tattoo studio.

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Insurance for cosmetic tattooing is one of the popular options. Since cosmetic tattooing is becoming more popular, it is essential to be covered. Cosmetic tattooing insurance protects services that involve using a  fine pen to deposit pigment directly under the skin. So if you want complete protection, cosmetic tattoo insurance is recommended.

Insurance for Tattooists and Piercers

Knowing cosmetic tattoo insurance solutions is important. But knowing you need to cover these services is more necessary. If you are one of the following, you should consider getting insured:

Cosmetic Tattoo Artists

If you are a cosmetic tattoo artist, you should think about cosmetic tattoo insurance from the start. Many complications can result from someone getting a tattoo. There are also cases where infections or complaints may arise. In times where cases like these could happen, insurance will protect your business. 

Body and Ear Piercers

Just like cosmetic tattoo artists, piercers also need to have insurance. Since piercings are risky, complications may arise. Some customers even blame piercers for botched sessions or infections. That is why it is essential to have an insurance policy that will cover you from any claim. 

Business Owners

You may not be a body piercing or cosmetic tattoo artist but you still required to have liability. You must think about your shop because money has been well-invested in setting it up. To avoid any insurance issues, you must choose the best insurance solution. Your insurance must provide coverage in several aspects of your business.

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It may seem that having an insurance plan for your Cosmetic tattoo takes a lot of work. But with Sparrow Insurance, we do the hard work for you. With our easy 4-step policy process, we talk you through the process. We seek to understand your needs and link you with providers that offer the best protection. If you are confused about insurance, give us a call.

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