Cosmetic Injector Risks and Insurance Needs!

Operating your business as a cosmetic nurse providing injectable treatments involves having a clear understanding of the industry and the risks involved. As a cosmetic injector you need to also understand the types of insurance available to you, why you need it and what it is protecting you from.

Given the nature of the treatments you as a cosmetic injector provide, you need to be prepared for if anything goes wrong. If you haven’t secured adequate insurance, you will be personally liable for any claims made against you. 

Let’s look at some potential risks to you and your business and what steps and insurances you may need to take to ensure your continued success as a cosmetic injector. 

Treatment Adverse Reactions

Even if you are the most experienced injector, occasionally treatments can go wrong or be alleged to have gone wrong if the client is not happy with the results. It could be a mild adverse reaction such as swelling and lumpiness, or complications as serious as an injection site reaction or vascular occlusion causing skin necrosis (although very rare – thankfully!). 

Clients who suffer an adverse event during a non-surgical cosmetic procedure could demand reimbursement for their medical expenses, and compensation for any financial losses they may incur as a result of the injury.  

You need to ensure you have Professional Indemnity and Medical Malpractice insurance in place to provide cover for any compensation claims or allegations of wrongdoing, including damages and legal defense costs and expenses.

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Injury or Property Damage to Clients

With any treatment there are potential complications and always a risk of injury being caused to your client, or damage to their property. Public Liability is the second necessary type of insurance for a cosmetic injector, which covers accidents in your clinic. 

If you spilt something on the floor of your clinic and your client slips and falls injuring themselves, or should you accidently damage a clients property during treatment, you are at risk of a claim being made against you. 

Public Liability insurance may protect you from paying associated costs of compensation to third parties if a claim is made against you. 

Damage to and Loss of Contents and Stock 

An unexpected event could occur at any time. If a storm, fire, accidental damage, or theft occurs, you could be left in an unforeseen situation that could end up costing you a lot financially.  

Any injectable product that you have stored could potentially be ruined if a storm causes a power surge and your fridge stops working. Or a fire could destroy your clinic and leave you in a situation where you lose everything.  Could you afford to replace everything if something like this happened?

Insurance covering to protect you for material damage losses is a must. Business Insurance often comes as a package encompassing a range of different coverage options to cover the costs of structural damages, replacing, or fixing contents stolen or damaged, and specialised equipment cover.  

Additional steps to protect yourself in any circumstance:

  1. Perform a thorough pre-treatment consultation – medical history and examination to identify any potential risks or contraindications.  Maintain a high standard of clinical documentation. 
  2. Complete video consultation with prescribing medical doctor. 
  3. Prior to performing any cosmetic treatment, obtain clients consent in writing by having them sign a consent form. It is also important to develop a clinic treatment plan for the individual client. 
  4. Thorough approach to client care – discuss the cosmetic procedure and aftercare, associated risk, possible adverse side effects and expected outcomes with your client, so that any concerns can be addressed, and they know exactly what to expect.
  5. Follow all health & safety protocol for staff and client safety; wear personal protective equipment, maintain a high standard of infection control and sharps management.
  6. Ensure that your qualifications are current and meet your state requirements and that you are registered with the appropriate cosmetic aesthetics industry regulatory organisations.
  7. Ensure that your Schedule 4 medications are stored securely and in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.  

Sparrow Insurance can protect you in the event of a mishap by providing experience, knowledge and support to ensure the best outcome for you and your business. All you need to do is contact Sparrow Insurance directly for an easy quotation process.  Call today on (07) 5502 8326 or get an instant quote online here.