Facial Threading Insurance – what you need to know

“Do I need insurance?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive.  The simple answer is yes.  As a Cosmetic Nurse performing cosmetic procedures, you need to understand why you need it, what it is protecting you from, and what insurance coverage is appropriate to protect you from potential complications, and if the time ever comes that you need it.

What is facial threading insurance?

Facial Threading insurance is a combination of professional indemnity insurance and public liability. 

It is designed to protect you and your business should an unfortunate event occur such as your client suffering a personal injury during a thread lift procedure or an accident or injury that may occur in your clinic. 

There is always a risk of complications, and occasionally treatments can go wrong or be alleged to have gone wrong if a client is not happy with the results. Clients who suffer an injury during treatment could demand reimbursement for their medical expenses, and also compensation for any financial losses they may incur during their recovery time as a result of the injury.  Professional indemnity provides cover for any allegations of wrongdoing, including damages and legal defense costs and expenses.

Beautician holding polydioxanone thread for lifting over light background | Sparrow Insurance

If you do not have the correct facial threading insurance in place to cover you if an unfortunate event does occur, this can cause mental, emotional and financial stress and could also have a devastating impact on the reputation of your business.  A claim against you could cause significant disruption to your business, resulting in a loss of revenue and you could potentially go bankrupt. 

What qualifications do I need to be insured for facial threading?

Choosing a recognized educational facility for advanced hands-on facial thread lifting training gives you the best opportunity for a great education and to enhance your treatment outcomes. You do need to provide your insurer with a copy of your theory and practical training certificate. 

Facial threading insurance is only available to you if you have a medical background as a Registered Nurse or Doctor.  Experienced Enrolled Nurses who wish to carry out the procedure under the guidance of a cosmetic doctor/dentist as per current protocol can do so also. 

Am I covered for all types of facial threading?

A variety of different non-surgical facial thread types are available on the market today including PLA’s, PCA’s, PDO’s, which are then further divided into types; matrix mono threads, barbed threads and screw threads. 

Having a broker help you source the right insurance for you is invaluable. They will ensure that your service and the type of threads you are using are covered under your policy, as not all insurance policies are the same and it can become quite confusing if you are looking at policies yourself online. 

How much does facial threading insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance package will depend on several factors, taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs and the size of your business. Premiums vary and change all the time but to give a rough idea, if you work on your own and are covered for all types of threading over a 12-month period, you will want to budget for an average cost of around $40 per week. 

How do I get facial threading insurance?

Sparrow Insurance has arranged exclusive cover for facial threading to make sure that you are protected in any case of an unfortunate event. All you need to do is contact Sparrow Insurance directly for an easy quotation process.  Call today on (07) 5502 8326 or get an instant quote online here.