Dependable Insurance for Acupuncturists

Making your security a priority

Insurance for Acupuncturists

Because of the nature of work, acupuncturists are vulnerable to allegations of malpractice. Even with its popularity in terms of alternative treatment for common body ailments, acupuncture should be done by certified professionals—this makes insurance for acupuncturists imperative.

With the right insurance policy in place, you can protect your best interests to avoid suffering from extensive damages or occupational loss in the event of a lawsuit.

Sparrow Insurance Policies for Acupuncturists

Acupuncturists are exposed to many kinds of allegations. Make sure you have the cover you need to deal with all the possible risks as you do your practice. The perfect coverage includes these insurances which are also mandatory in some states:

Professional Indemnity/Medical Malpractice Insurance

covers but not limited to legal expenses if a patient sues you for negligence or errors committed by mistake.

Public Liability Insurance

If a person or patient claims a bodily injury that resulted in medical treatment or damage, this liability cover will protect your profession or business.

General Property Insurance

With repairs and replacements on your tools and other equipment due to damage or loss, this insurance will cover the cost you need to carry on with business operations.

Product Liability Insurance

Because traditional Chinese medicine is an integral part of acupuncture, you need this type of insurance to protect you from claims on injury or damage with the use of these products.

Take Advantage of Other Insurance Offers

As a health practitioner, you can never be too careful—taking advantage of other health policies or coverage to add to your professional indemnity insurance offers more protection.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This will cover expenses for medical treatment or missed wages if your employee gets injured while at work.

Cyber Insurance

Keeping sensitive data in computers, like patient records or personal information, is also a risk on your part. This policy will protect your business and your profession in the event of a cyber attack.

Why Acupuncturists Need This Business Insurance

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese healing technique. But more than just applying Chinese medicine to the body, this profession is complex. You and the people within your network are open to many risks. You need the right protection and the right business insurance to assist you with any liability claims.

How to obtain insurance from Sparrow Insurance?

There are many ways to get in touch with us—and it’s easy!

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We love to talk to business owners about your business and provide you with the correct information plus more.

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What is required when I get professional indemnity/medical malpractice insurance?

Getting this type of insurance depends on many factors: the nature of your business, how big your company is, and how vulnerable you are to risks within your network. Call us to know more about the other requirements.

Does my professional indemnity insurance policy include a run-off cover?

Yes, it is held within the policy which provides cover for work done in the past. On top of this, you can always add other features to your professional indemnity insurance.