Insurance for Bowen Therapists in AU

It's always best to protect your profession should something go wrong along the way.

As a Bowen Therapist, you use gentle healing techniques to ease muscular-skeletal problems, but if your client suffers an injury from your treatment or advice, they might take legal action against you that could cause you stress. It’s always best to protect your profession should something go wrong along the way.

What kind of insurance do Bowen therapists need?

You may be in the natural health service business, but you’ll never know when clients might make a claim against you. Get insured with professional indemnity/medical malpractice, public and product liability policies to help you from legal claims.

Professional Indemnity Insurance / Medical Malpractice Insurance

Should a client seek to sue you for negligence when you treat or give advice, a professional indemnity / medical malpractice insurance policy may provide you cover. For example, if the treatment you gave caused further pain and injury to your client, this policy may cover the legal expenses.

Public Liability Insurance

Because you provide health services to the public, it’s crucial that you protect your profession with public liability insurance. Legal costs should a client claim for injury, whether in your business premises or at your client’s home, may be covered by public liability policy.

Product Liability Insurance

Part of your business might include selling or supplying health products. Product liability policy may cover an injury or damage through the products you offer.

Other insurance policies for your protection

Apart from the core policies mentioned above, running a business requires full-coverage whether you’re working alone or with others. Ease your operation with the help of additional business insurance policies.

Management Liability Insurance

Is specifically for private companies and covers claims of wrongful management, employment practices breaches (wrongful dismissal or discrimination actions), crime (theft by employees or third parties), tax audit and statutory fines and penalties.

Business Insurance

This cover will protect your business and assets, including contents and stock or equipment damage. There are many additional covers to a business policy, depending on your circumstances ie: mobile; glass; business interruption.

Cyber Insurance

Health advisors in Australia, like you, probably keep digital records of your customers. Cover is available for a data breach. Cyber insurance may cover data loss or theft when someone breaks into your network and accesses vital information.

Tax Audit Insurance

Whether you run a small or large business or work as a contractor. This insurance will cover your business for tax auditing by the (ATO).

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a legal requirement for all businesses to cover their staff and contractors in the event of an accident, which can either be because of your products, tools, or other incidents whilst in the course of your operations.

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance

This insurance is for every therapist who is taking the time to recover from an injury or illness and unable to work.

Why do Bowen therapists need insurance?

Because your service entails providing treatments and advice, misunderstandings are likely to happen, making a client perceive you as negligent. Here are some risks that your profession often entails:

To reduce this risk, you’ll need to define your scope of practice, practice communication, adhering to regulatory guidelines, be ready for risks, and get fully covered with the right insurances.

Why Bowen Therapists Choose Sparrow Insurance

Policy details could be overwhelming, but Sparrow can help to make everything easy for you. Experience the following with Sparrow:
You may be able to do some of these online, but remember that we’re just a phone call away if you have questions or need more information. Have the right coverage, call us now


How much does Bowen therapists policy cost?

The cost of your policy relies on the level of coverage you wish to get. That would include the number of assets you want to include, your company size if you’re operating a business, among others.

What insurance will I need if I operate my Bowen therapy business from home?

Operating your business from home means you’re still using your personal space to provide advice, offer services, or interact with people. Aside from professional indemnity and public and products liability insurance policies, you may still require other policies needed as if operating from commercial premises in Australia.