Insurance for Complementary Therapists

Provide care and support as you keep your finances secured.

Complementary Therapist Insurance

As a therapist, you offer not only health and well-being treatment methods but also emotional and spiritual support to improve your client’s quality of life. But even with utmost care, you are still vulnerable to risks that can escalate to liability claims leading to financial burdens.

Being prepared for any untoward incident is most vital. This can be done with reliable insurance to protect your practice and complementary therapy business.

What insurance does a complementary therapist need?

No matter how long you’ve been in the natural therapy business, you’ll never know when accidents happen and clients might make claims against you. Here are the policies you need:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In the performance of your daily duties, your client sues for misdirected advice, this policy may provide you with cover. At a time when a client claims your therapy brought him chronic pain and sues you for compensation, professional indemnity insurance may cover your legal costs including legal advice.

Public Liability Insurance

In your therapy profession, you offer therapy for the public whether in your business premises. Risks involved can be slip-and-fall incidents during or after consultation. Public liability may cover the costs of treatment and associated costs of this person’s claims.

Products Liability Insurance

Your practice may involve selling or supplying health products, so you also have product liability for third party injury claim from products that you sold or supplied. With a product liability insurance, this policy may cover financial setbacks of defending a claim.

Other policies for your protection

Whether you are practicing therapy alone or have employees, you also are running a business. On top of your professional indemnity, you’ll need protection for your management. Here are business insurance products.

Management Liability

Get this policy to cover the actions and conduct of your directors or officers. Any business, big or small, is at risk of management issues, even in the therapy industry. At any time when a client sues your company for mismanagement, this liability cover protects your management team and business from lawsuits.

Cyber Insurance

In your practice, you are perhaps keeping digital copies of clients’ personal information. You may be at risk of a data breach. As such, this policy may protect you from losses due to cyberattacks and data theft.

Why do complementary therapists need insurance?

Many professional associations and governing bodies insist on every member to be insured before they obtain membership.

Why choose Sparrow Insurance

For a professional therapist, there are few options available for coverage, and choosing could be overwhelming, but Sparrow Insurance makes obtaining insurance easy.

  • Get detailed and easy-to-understand policy and services.
  • Sparrow Insurance can manage your account, renewal or policy needs or requirements.
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Does my policy cover me when I retire?

With the run-off cover in your policy, you may be protected even after you retire. For claims against you for work done before you retired.

Does my policy cover my past activities?

The unlimited retroactive cover in your policy may secure even your past activities provided there are no known and unreported circumstances that could lead to a claim.

What do I do if I have complaints or claims made against me?

Contact Sparrow immediately.