Insurance for Dietitians

While you take care of people’s health, Sparrow Insurance takes care of you!

As a dietitian, you help people with advice on their food intake, considering nutritional content that fits their needs. Whilst most clients would take your advice and enjoy excellent results, some might misinterpret the information or experience unexpected reactions which can escalate to possible legal claims of negligence.

Such a situation makes it vital in your profession to hold a policy to protect yourself.

What kinds of insurance do dietitians need?

To protect yourself against the financial burdens from unexpected legal situations, you’ll need professional indemnity along with public and product liability policies.

Professional Indemnity

This policy protects you from third party claims against wrong advice or negligence in the performance of your services. Say a patient who received your meal plan for blood sugar maintenance suddenly had a spike in blood sugar. He may take legal action that could result in negative financial situations on your part. Professional indemnity insurance can cover the legal costs required to pay for the claim.

Public Liability

This policy covers the cost that arises from claims related to injuries or property damage that might take place in your office or clinic. Let’s say a person trips after a consultation. Public liability insurance covers the amount needed to compensate for the incident.

Product Liability

This insurance policy protects you from financial liability arising from injury or damage caused by the products you sell or supply. If a client claims to have developed rashes after taking the vitamins you traded, products liability policy will cover related compensation value.

Business insurance covers for added protection for dietitians

Apart from professional indemnity and public and products liability, you might also need the following for more protection.

Business Insurance

This policy protects your business and assets, covering damage to equipment or property from accidents like fire. It also protects you from theft and losses when business operation ceases due to an insured peril. You may also add commercial property and workers compensation insurance for additional protection.

Cyber Insurance

Health professionals like you probably keep a digital record of client’s information. In case of risks of a data breach, this product protects you from data loss or theft when someone hacks into your network and accesses vital information.

Why do you need insurance products?

Imagine being sued by a client who faints and bumps his head. He then claims that your diet information you advised had weakened him and made him frequently nauseous. He sues you, and you are required to pay for medical treatment. Your business could take a big hit. With a policy, you can:

  • Pay for the costs, be that legal, medical, or rehabilitation of third-party concerned
  • Free yourself from the emotional stress, which often comes after worrying about how to cover compensations and losses
  • Maintain your professional and business reputation of taking care of your clients

Why choose Sparrow Insurance

There aren’t many policies dedicated to professionals like you but Sparrow Insurance is here to arrange necessary policies available to you as we make life easier with the following benefits:

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How much does this insurance cost?

The cost would depend on the level of cover you would get. If you run a business and have members as staff, you may add more policies. This would also mean additional cost. Use our online tool to get an insurance quote.

Does my insurance cover when conducting home visits?

If you visit someone’s home as part of your business services, you’re still at risk of accidents. Professional indemnity and public and products liability may help cover your home service setup.

Is it required to hold insurance coverage?

Yes, if you’re a member of some associations like the Dietitians Association of Australia, you may be required insurance.

Why might I need run-off cover?

After retirement, you could still encounter claims from when you were still in business. A run-off cover lets you arrange complimentary run-off cover for 7 years on incidents that happened while you were practising.