Professional Insurance for Massage Therapists

Be free from financial stress—get the right insurance protection

Insurance for Massage Therapists

A massage therapist like you works magic on easing people’s body pain. But who relieves your stress or covers your legal costs when suddenly a client alleges you of causing him pain or someone trips in your office and requires compensation? That is why insurance for massage therapists is vital. With proper protection, you can save yourself from financial stress.

What kind of insurance does a massage therapist need?

In protecting yourself and your business against the financial burdens from untoward incidents, consider combining professional indemnity with public and products liability insurance packages.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insurance protects you when someone claims compensation from alleged negligence on your part. Say a client sues you for allegedly giving a massage treatment that worsened his injury and asks for financial compensation. Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover your legal representation cost and the payment you must make for the claim.

Public Liability Insurance

This insurance protects you from any third-party injury or property damage that could happen in your workplace, in public while you’re doing business, or at your client’s place. Suppose a client or visitor trips while on your business premises, the public liability insurance cover takes care of the consequent financial situation.

Product Liability Insurance

This insurance protects you from financial liability if any third-party personal injury or damage is caused by the products you sell or supply. Suppose some clients claim developing rashes from a product you sold and ask for compensation, Product Liability Insurance can cover legal costs.

Other insurance products for your protection

After combining professional indemnity and public and products liability insurance, consider this next list of products for full coverage of your profession and business.

Business Insurance

This insurance protects your business and assets from unexpected events. Business Insurance will cover damages of equipment due to accidents like fire or even theft. It also includes protection if your business cannot operate due to an insured peril. You may also choose to cover damage to money if you keep cash on the premises and portable items like mobile phones and laptops.

Cyber Insurance

This insurance has become vital to a healthcare provider. As a massage therapist, you probably keep a digital record of client information. With the risk of a data breach, cyber insurance will cover you from cyber-related threats, like unauthorized access to your network or clients’ personal information, resulting in data loss or theft.

Why massage therapists need insurance

Imagine a client sues you for a car accident he encountered after leaving your business premises. He claims that an unexpected muscle spasm resulting from the massage you gave him resulted in the accident. You are compelled to give a hefty compensation to cover even ongoing medical treatment and income loss. What do you do then?


This is when Sparrow Insurance and its insurance product becomes important. You’ll have full coverage of all related financial needs.

Why choose Sparrow Insurance

Insurance for a massage therapist is not easy to get by, so Sparrow Insurance addresses your needs by making your insurance policy readily accessible.
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What laws mandate massage therapists to hold insurance?

There are no laws in Australia relating to insurance that massage therapists must hold. But for groups, like Massage and Myotherapy Australia association, a member may be required insurance. You may also need it when you gain an approved provider status with private health funds. For all massage therapists, insurance is vital, considering the price of facing claims for compensation alone.

What insurance do I need if I am operating my massage therapy business from home?

Even if you operate your massage therapy business from home, you still need Professional Indemnity since there’s still the risk of clients alleging you of professional negligence. Business insurance would also help cover the cost of your home contents used for business if stolen or damaged. Please consider public liability insurance when you have some clients visiting your home for consultation or treatment.

How will my lack of insurance affect my clients?

In the latest news, clients can only claim a rebate from their health fund if you are a recognized provider of that fund. To be recognized, you must hold a Professional Indemnity insurance policy. The minimum coverage may vary depending on the fund.