Insurance for Podiatrists

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Insurance for Podiatrists

Despite having the best training, podiatrists cannot discount the possibility of something going wrong when administering treatment. There may be people who will claim that you committed medical malpractice even if you did not. In addition, there are emergency expenses that you might incur for your clinic. 

Whatever type of risks, you need to be open to different insurance cover options so you will be protected from liability claims and related expenses. Especially if you employ many members and service a lot of people, you have to know more information on how you can improve your business’ risk management in Australia.

Main Insurance Protection for Podiatrists

Insurance for professional indemnity and public liability is a must for every worker in the healthcare profession. In fact, the Podiatry Board of Australia is even mandating that all practicing podiatrists should have a policy for professional indemnity.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Your patients may allege that they have suffered an injury or even financial loss because of your services or lack thereof. For example, a client claims that your treatment only worsens his or her present condition. A court investigation may be initiated to gather data and information about the said claims. This insurance can help your payment for malpractice liability claims.

Public Liability Insurance

In the place of business, you must have insurance for potential third-party claims for personal injury or even property damage. One particular example are slip and fall incidents while at your clinic. An insurance will cover the treatment expense and compensation.

Podiatrist Insurance for Clinic and Business

If you have a business or if you run your own clinic, you will need more protection. You do not need to be presented with various data and reports to understand that securing more policies is only beneficial for you. It is important to be always prepared.

Products Liability Insurance

Products liability insurance is for potential third-party claims against injury caused by a product supplied by your clinic. It is a policy that covers the costs for legal defense and claims arising from your product offering as a podiatrist.

Business Insurance

It is a generic insurance designed to cover your business. You must craft this policy according to your needs so you can make sure that it will protect your business assets, including property and financial position. The policy should also focus on the safeguard in case of business interruption to make up for revenue loss.

Cyber Liability Insurance

It covers the potential liability for data breaches in your electronic database. This insurance is important to protect you from financial impacts involving cyber theft of client information.

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Let Sparrow Insurance assist you with arranging a suitable insurance policy. We’ll be happy to provide insights on what product works for your specific requirements.

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Do podiatrists need home and contents insurance?

Yes, it serves as a protection for work-from-home podiatrists. It also covers professional indemnity insurance.

Is there insurance to cover podiatry equipment?

Insurance can range depending on the need of the podiatrists. Normally, equipment insurance is part of the generic business insurance policy.

Is having a run-off cover insurance beneficial for podiatrists?

Yes, it is. It protects the podiatrists even though they have ceased their practice.