Insurance for Yoga Instructors

Secure a protective cover in place to lessen financial worries in events of mishaps and accidents

If you’re a yoga instructor contracted by a gym or if you run a yoga studio, you are at risk of various situations that could land you in a tight spot. Whilst providing sessions for mental and physical health, there are times when things go wrong.

A client might make claims of negligence on the techniques you provide or on injury or accidents while at your studio. Adequate professional insurance policies would help your profession or operate your business with peace of mind. 

What insurance policy do yoga instructors need?

There are three main policies for yoga instructors. These policies would include combined Professional Indemnity insurance (PI) / Medical Malpractice and public liability, is a must for every worker in the healthcare profession .

Professional Indemnity / Medical Malpractice

For example, your client complains and sues you as they hurt themselves in one of your classes. You can turn to your professional indemnity / medical malpractice policy that may cover for mistakes on the advice you provide, the cost that comes with a legal battle.

Public Liability Insurance

As a Yoga instructor, you are liable for any third-party injury or damage arising from conducting your business in various locations. This can be incidents like slips and falls.

Product Liability Insurance

Part of your work you sell or supply products. Product liability insurance may protect you from any personal injury or damage caused by your goods. If a client makes a claim against you for developing an irritation, product liability insurance may cover the compensation costs.

Other business insurance products for Yoga

Risks for Yoga Instructors and the entire health industry are not only related to practice but to business operations as well, depending on the size of your business. Get covered by additional insurance that can assist your business as it grows.

Management Liability

is specifically for private companies and covers claims of wrongful management, employment practices breaches (wrongful dismissal or discrimination actions), crime (theft by employees or third parties), tax audit and statutory fines and penalties.

Business Insurance

This protects your business, covering equipment and property damage from accidents, losses due to theft, fire, glass but not limited to. You may also want to consider Business interruption, for the potential loss of income, under certain sections of the business policy.

Tax Audit Insurance

Whether you run a small or large business or work as a contractor. This insurance will cover your business for tax auditing by the ATO.

Cyber Insurance

If you maintain a website or a digital record of your customers’ personal information, especially online, you are at risk of a data breach. This policy covers you from data theft.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is vital to help cover costs related to an injured employee during business hours.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

This insurance is for every individual who is taking the time to recover from an injury or illness and unable to work.

Why do yoga instructors need insurance cover?

A yoga teacher like you is at risk of various untoward incidents. Imagine a client suing you after developing chronic body pain, which he claims to have resulted from the technique you taught him. He wins the case, and you are required to pay for his treatment and rehabilitation plus loss of income. 

It would help if you had an insurance solution to cover the costs of such claims. This is where Sparrow Insurance comes in.

Why yoga instructors choose Sparrow Insurance

Insurance solutions for yoga instructors are quite difficult to find, but Sparrow Insurance makes everything easy for you.

Our network of insurance brokers in Australia will offer insights and recommendations on suitable policies fit for you as a yoga instructor.

If you are set with the insurance in mind, request online quotes now.


How much does this insurance cost?

The cost would depend on the level of cover you get. If you run a yoga workshop and employ staff members, there may be additional business insurance policies that you would need and this would mean additional cost.

I only have two yoga instructors as staff in my business, do I need a workers compensation insurance?

Workers compensation insurance is mandated in Australia, but please note that there are certain rules and regulations that are unique in every state or territory.

How do I make a claim?

We understand that having a claim is very stressful, that is why Sparrow Insurance has a designated team that are dedicated to walking you through the process.