Handyman Insurance

Protects your handyman business in Australia with insurance to cover liability claims from accidents, damage, or loss

Handyman Insurance

There are many reasons why a handyman needs insurance coverage, aside from being prepared for the burden resulting from a claim.

Businesses that are into property maintenance are being required by various property managers to include handyman insurance. 

Because the nature of a handyman business involves exposure to risks, handyman insurance makes up as one of the important insurance covers for the handyman.

Make sure you are covered and can make an insurance claim when you require it.

Do I need handyman insurance?

Whether for a small business or a larger handyman company, you have a personal liability both legally and financially when things go wrong.

Handyman insurance can protect you and your personal assets from a claim caused by mistakes and accidents during the period of work.

Risks for a handyman

Being called the ‘Jack of all trades’ a handyman offers services, like maintenance and so on which can open them to various risks.

Types of insurance cover for handyman business

Many forms of coverage may be suitable depending on your business. We recommend these three main types of business insurance: public liability insurance, tool insurance, and income protection.

Public liability Insurance

This may cover claims and the cost of legal fees if a customer or a member of the public makes a claim against you for property damage or personal injury from your business activities. Public liability insurance may also be required if you’re undertaking work for real estate. Property managers will most likely ask for a certificate of currency for public liability insurance.

Tool and Equipment Insurance

This insurance is more commonly known as tool insurance and is important coverage for any business insurance, especially for a handyman who works with trade tools. While public liability insurance covers the cost for property damage and personal injuries, this insurance will cover repairs and replacement for damages on your tools and equipment. This includes accidental damage.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

This insurance is for the handyman who is taking the time to recover from an injury or illness and unable to work.

Optional Business Insurance Covers for Handymen

While some handymen only require the coverages above, you may need to include the following covers.

Commercial Motor Insurance

May cover a claim resulting in accidents and damages involving a vehicle.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance only required if your business has handyman employees.

Why choose Sparrow Insurance

We, Sparrow Insurance understand that your line of work is not one of low risk. That is why we take into account your personal objectives and needs to help you with insurance policies for your business.

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How much does Handyman Insurance cost?

Your insurance cost depends on many factors that include your policy and the type of coverage you choose to have for your business. The cost will also depend on whether you have a big or small business and how many handymen you employ. For detailed information on business insurance quotes, please contact us.