Insurance for Cafes
in Australia

Be covered with insurance for your business and its workers.

Insurance for café

Cafe owners are at risk of various hazards. It’s a headache compensating for a customer burnt by hot coffee or an injured employee. These are real and quite common problems in businesses like cafes and coffee shops.

Save yourself the headache. As cafe owners, protect your customers, employees, and entire business by insuring your cafe.

What types of insurance do cafes need?

To protect your business, you’ll need public and products liability insurance policies with business and general property insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Since people would come in and out of your place, you are liable for their safety.

When injuries happen from an accident in connection to your business activities in your cafe, public liability insurance will cover the cost.

Product Liability Insurance

Aside from public liability, you are also liable for whatever happens to those who consume the products or goods you sell in your place.

Product liability insurance cover will take care of costs on personal injury, even food poisoning due to food spoilage, or damage caused by the products you sell or supply.

Business Insurance

You’ll never know when disaster strikes. Business insurance and business interruption insurance may cover your cafe from the cost of rebuilding your operating premises if damaged by a fire, storm, and disasters.

This type of insurance policy can also cover the likes of machinery breakdown, loss of equipment, and contents stock, but not limited to. Learn more

Other cafe insurance for Additional Protection

Aside from product and public liability insurance, and those mentioned above, there are other business insurance products that cafe owners may need for your coffee shop or cafe business.

Management Liability

Is specifically for private companies and covers claims of wrongful management, employment practices breaches (wrongful dismissal or discrimination actions), crime (theft by employees or third parties), tax audit and statutory fines and penalties.

Cyber Insurance

If you maintain a website of your cafe business or a digital record of your customers’ personal information, especially online, you are at risk of a data breach. This policy is your option to help cover you from data theft.

Tax Audit Insurance

Whether you run a small or large cafe business or work as a contractor. This insurance option will cover your business for tax auditing by the ATO.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

This is a legal requirement for all businesses to cover their staff and contractors in the event of an accident whilst in the place of business. Even if yours is a small business, you need this business insurance in Australia.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is for every individual who is taking the time to recover from an injury or illness and unable to work.

Why you need café insurance

Of course, it’s always a good idea to minimise business risk by ensuring your place and products are safe. However, accidents could still happen, and you should be ready for what happens next.

Sparrow Insurance will be happy to give you some general advice so you can address risk and decide the cafe business insurance that best fits your needs.

Reach out to Sparrow Insurance brokers who are only a phone call away.

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How much does business insurance for a café cost?

The cost of your cafe business insurance would depend on the size and activities of your cafe, including the risk involved to determine the level of cover. A coffee shop that has deep frying may incur a different cost than one with none.

It’s important to note that the range of coverage would also determine the price. It’s best to consult a 

Sparrow Insurance broker to know more information.