Insurance for Cleaners that Businesses Need

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Insurance for Cleaners

As a commercial or domestic cleaner, you provide service to people. We recommend you protect yourself from the consequences of an accident. If at one time, a client or a visitor of the client is injured from slipping on a wet floor, you can rely on cleaners public liability insurance.

You can cover your cleaning business assets with help from Sparrow Insurance.

What insurance do cleaners need?

Since you work in public spaces, you are liable for anything that takes place in that space. Your cleaning business needs to be covered by at least public liability insurance and business insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Your cleaning business provides a service, public liability insurance keeps you covered for injuries such as trips and falls. If the business accidentally stained an expensive carpet in an office while cleaning, public liability insurance could possibly cover this item’s repair or replacement.

Business Insurance

This policy will cover the cleaning equipment you use for work. 

Business insurance can help you repair or replace your stolen or damaged equipment so that you can continue with your business operation.

Other cleaners' insurance products

Your cleaning business could be exposed to even more risks, so on top of public liability and business insurance cover

Workers Compensation

If you have employees, then you are liable for them as well. Say your employees missed a wet floor sign, they slip, and get injured, workers compensation insurance policy may help with this.

Commercial Motor

In conducting your business, you use a vehicle to move from one place to another, carrying equipment and cleaning products with you. Your vehicle can expose you to other potential risks.

Why cleaners need policies

In general, as cleaners rendering services in commercial or domestic spaces, you must know your risks:

Why choose Sparrow Insurance

It will take time to compare business insurance information when you want to get a policy quote. However, Sparrow Insurance could make obtaining insurance easy for you. To make sure of your protection. Get a quote now!


1. How much does cleaning insurance cost?

The cost will depend on your business type and size. Consider getting business insurance and public liability to cover you at least.

2. Why should I use an insurance broker?

An insurance broker will help you assess and manage your risk and give advice on solutions to cover your needs. They can arrange, acquire, and maintain a policy for you.