Insurance for Consultants
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Insurance for Consultants

As a consultant, you provide clients professional help, consulting service, or advice; however, you’re exposed to risks. Imagine being caught in a legal battle with a client alleging your advice harmed them. The subsequent financial loss from claims could be overwhelming.

Sparrow Insurance can assist with many types of consultancies, you will need to contact Sparrow Insurance directly to ensure your type of consultancy can be covered.

What type of insurance do consultants need?

For a consultant, a consultants insurance policy is vital since it keeps you ready for any potential claim and unexpected incidents. Professional indemnity, public and products liability and public liability insurance are important, basic covers required to protect you and your business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If a client claims you’ve been negligent with your advice, Professional Indemnity becomes a vital cover. When a client sues you for allegedly omitting pertinent information from your advice, causing their business to potentially fail, this policy may cover legal costs associated with responding to the claim.

Public Liability Insurance

In the event a client or third party member of the public holds you liable for an injury or damage to property. Public Liability may cover injuries from incidents like tripping in your office or over equipment.

What other important policies do you need?

There will be other risks related to your professional service as a consultant, so you may need to consider other business insurance policies apart from professional indemnity and public liability. A business insurance policy and other types of, help ease your worries.

Business Insurance

This protects your business, covering equipment and property damage from accidents, business interruption, losses due to theft, fire, glass but not limited to.

Tax Audit Insurance

Whether you run a small consultancy firm or work as an individual consultant. This insurance will cover your business for tax auditing by the ATO.

Management Liability

Is specifically for private companies to cover claims of wrongful management, employment practices breaches (wrongful dismissal or discrimination actions), crime (theft by employees or third parties), tax audit and statutory fines and penalties.

Cyber Insurance

The services you provide could involve keeping digital or online records of clients’ personal information, exposing you to the risks of a data breach. Cyber insurance cover may protect you recover data loss from theft.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a legal requirement for all businesses to cover their staff and contractors in the event of an accident

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

This insurance product is for every individual who is taking the time to recover from an injury or illness and unable to work.

Why does a consultant need insurance?

In consulting businesses, services include professional advice to help clients do business, and it’s always possible for mistakes to occur. Consider insurance products to cover you if you’re alleged of the following:

Why consultants do choose Sparrow Insurance

Deciding a cover could be taxing, but Sparrow Insurance, could make obtaining business insurance covers easy for you with the following:

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1. How much coverage do I need?

Your coverage relies on how much liability risk to the business.

2. Do consultants in Australia need public liability insurance?

This type of policy is required for any business in Australia.