Professional Dog Grooming Insurance in Australia

Appropriate business insurance to cover liability claims related to grooming dogs

Insurance for Dog Groomers

If you love taking care of animals – a dog, in particular, – opening a small pet grooming business is probably something you want to start. After all, if you find it enjoyable to spend a day with a pet dog, you may not feel that you’re working.

But like small businesses, opening a professional dog grooming business may be quite risky as well. As well as performing services as a dog groomer, you are liable for anything that happens to the animal under your care. In case a pet gets injured, or worse, dies, you need appropriate business insurance cover to take care of related costs.

Do I need a Dog Grooming Insurance?

Yes, dog grooming insurance can cover both animal and dog groomer.

Although some dogs may be trained there are unexpected situations that you will not be able to control. The risks involved with a dog grooming business can be wide-ranging from accidental damage, injuries caused by tools, plus many more issues that can arise.

Mobile dog groomers can also consider business insurance policy, especially with the portable equipment they carry to perform their grooming service.

Liability Insurance for a Dog Grooming Business

Pet grooming can be enjoyable as you work your way around making every pet look fabulous. It can be different from working in a regular business. That is why it pays to have a liability cover to protect you and your business from risks involving pets.

Personal Accident and Illness

Should you have an accident or illness, there is a potential loss of income due to the time you took to recover.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is vital to help cover costs related to an injured employee during business hours.

Contents Insurance

If you operate from a storefront, your business is at risk of fire, theft, accidental damage, but not limited to. Contents insurance protects your property, giving you peace of mind.

Public Liability Insurance

In your place of business, you deal with pets, sharp tools, and chemicals which can be potential risks of injury or damage. Having a public liability insurance may cover the related expense arising from a claim.

Mobile Portable Equipment Insurance

Running a mobile pet salon may mean you work entirely on your own, as you bring with you your pet grooming business at different locations. If you work as a mobile groomer, you may need to protect your portable equipment against loss, damage, or theft.

Why Choose Sparrow Insurance

Sparrow Insurance can help arrange insurance products so you can focus on working on your pet grooming business. 

We review your risks, objectives and needs prior to obtaining cover that suits your needs.

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How much can a liability insurance cover for pet grooming businesses in Australia?

Insurance policies have different levels of coverage, so each policy is individually made to the clients needs.