Dog Walking Insurance for Your Australian Business

Protecting your business can be a walk in the park

Insurance for a Dog Walker

You are tasked with looking after your client’s dog from the time the pet is in your care. From the moment you take a dog for a walk, there are risks involved and potential injuries. A client’s pet may bite you or another person and some things will be just out of your hands.

In general, you have to be prepared for these instances with insurance. Insurance is designed to cover the emergency expenses arising from these potential circumstances when you are walking the dog.

Do I need a dog walking insurance?

Having peace of mind is something that a dog walking insurance can provide you. There are various risks involved with this business. Some dogs may be properly trained, but you can lose control of a difficult situation. This could lead to a series of events, like an injury, which can be to you or another third party member of the public.

As general advice, a dog walking business owner needs to have dog walking insurance before starting the business. Learn more

Types of Insurance Covers for Dog Walking Business

Securing the adequate dog walking insurance cover gives protection whilst making sure that you can continue to operate.

Public Liability Insurance

No matter how careful you are in your job, taking care of a pet, especially in a public space, has its risk. A  public liability insurance is a must for dog walkers because it provides protection for you and your dog walking business in the event a client’s pet or a member of the public sustains an injury or cause property damage because of your physical activities.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

As a dog walker, you are your business’s most valuable asset. Having a personal accident and illness insurance covers  loss of income in the event that you are unable to work because of an accident or illness.


Mobile Portable Equipment Insurance

Running a dog walking business may mean you work entirely on your own, as you bring with you, your business to different locations. You may need to protect your equipment against loss, damage, or theft.

Why Choose Sparrow Insurance

We understand the risks associated with dog walking – it’s not always an easy walk in the park. With a range of professional insurance products like public and products liability, it can be overwhelming for you, that is why we provide advice to businesses and discuss their needs and requirements so we can arrange a suitable insurance policy that fits with the specific industry.

Get in touch with us to request an insurance policy by utilising our online quote.


How much does it cost to get insurance for dog walking?

The cost of your insurance package will depend on several factors. Take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs, and the size of your business.

Do dog walkers need insurance in Australia?

 Your business can be liable for injuries or damages. As general advice, owners need to secure business insurance to operate a dog walking business.