Insurance for Electricians

Protecting your business with professional cover
Insurance for Electricians

Electrical contractors are exposed to different kinds of risks when they are at the worksite. In this trade, there are potential property damage and personal injury that may happen at any time. An electrician may also deal with the risk of loss and damage of tools, equipment, and vehicle used for the business.

With this, it’s only imperative that electricians and their businesses should obtain an insurance policy designed to safeguard work and assets.

Insurance Cover for Electricians

Electricians insurance should include insurance policies, including public liability cover, business insurance, and tools insurance. Electrical contractors need to make sure that their insurance policies cover the probable risks in the worksite.

Public Liability Insurance

Despite their training, electricians are at risk of accidents such as fire while at work, resulting in property damage and injury. In fact, given the tricky nature of electrical work, a small mistake can turn into big accidents. An electricians public liability insurance can potentially cover the cost related to property damage or personal injury to another person. Public liability is something every electrician values.

Business Insurance

This can cover but not limited to property, contents and stocks, business interruption, or machinery breakdown.

Tools Insurance

Every electrician should secure their work tools, at all costs. After all, they cannot go on with their business without them. In case of damage or loss due to theft or fire, tools insurance will cover the cost of replacement or repair.

More Insurance for Additional Protection

Given the risks, it is only smart for electricians to have more insurance policies covering other needs as well. As they say, you can never have too much protection when it comes to insuring yourself and your business. You might also consider another policy in your package.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

Accidents are inevitable and getting ill is always a possibility. These instances might force you to stop working for a while so you can recover. In this case, personal accident and illness insurance is an option you might wish to look at the options available.

Workers Compensation

If you are employing electricians or apprentices, having a workers compensation policy is compulsory for employers. This will cover related expenses should they have an accident while they are working.

Commercial Motor Insurance

It is a form of business insurance designed to safeguard the commercial vehicle in case of damage due to accident or even loss due to theft.

Management Liability Insurance

is specifically for private companies and covers claims of wrongful management, employment practices breaches (wrongful dismissal or discrimination actions), crime (theft by employees or third parties), tax audit and statutory fines and penalties.

Tax Audit Insurance

Whether you run a small or large business or work as a contractor. This insurance will cover your business for tax auditing by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Cyber Insurance

If you maintain a website or a digital record of your customers’ personal information, especially online, you are at risk of a data breach. This policy covers you from data theft.

From inquiry to applying for a policy and beyond, you will always be guided by our team of experts. We are always ready to help.

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Can all my Electricians insurance be paid monthly?

Yes, as this can help with your cash flow.