Massage Therapy Insurance

Whether for asset protection or reputation security, you need to consider a safety net for your finances.

Massage therapy is a broad practice. One moment you’re helping clients heal pain from a serious injury, and the next, you’re helping an overworked client rejuvenate. With every therapy you provide, you’re essentially a health care provider.

But just as in any other profession, you are liable for any mistakes or damages that may happen whilst in the course of your massage therapy session. And this can quickly escalate to a client filing a claim against you.

Whether you own a parlour or working in one, you need to consider a massage therapist insurance to protect your professional career.

Why do massage therapists need insurance?

As your clients put the care of their bodies into your hands, there will be liability and some risks on your part. If a client claims their condition worsened after your treatment, your reputation is then put at risk. 

Dealing with the financial and legal consequences of this may not be easy. The risks, however, can be mitigated with liability insurance for massage therapists.

Who is covered by this insurance package?

Even experienced professionals make mistakes sometimes. This is why securing an insurance package is a key consideration. The following may be covered with insurance packages. 

  • Massage therapists
  • Massage parlour owners
  • Mobile-based myotherapy practitioners

What kind of insurance does a massage therapist need?

When it comes to insurance for massage therapy, there are a few options you can choose from. The difference in policies will vary in terms of business size, number of employees, and the types of services you provide, and whether you work mobile or in a commercial salon space.

Here are the massage therapist insurance plans that may be available for you.

Business Insurance

This is an insurance package designed to provide cover for your business contents, commercial premises, stock, and tools when an insured event occurs. Insured events include accidental damage, fire, storm, and theft.

Business Insurance can also cover your portable equipment and glass storefront. In addition, loss of revenue due to business interruption in specified circumstances may be covered through a business interruption insurance. We also arrange a liability insurance that can cover employment practices and statutory liability risks, property damage, and tax audit.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability is important for every massage therapist. As you spend all day treating clients with products, such as essential oils, bamboo, Thai poultice, etc., you are opening yourself to a lot of risks. If a client suffers a personal injury from a product you’re using during a treatment, you can turn to this insurance policy to get you covered.

This policy also protects your business in case a client’s personal belongings get damaged due to accidental spills or any other accident. If a massage therapist accidentally spills hot oil onto your client’s clothes, this insurance may cover your salon.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is one of the most common types of insurance that many beauty and salon business owners get. This liability insurance is especially helpful for a business whose beauticians come in contact with the public on a daily basis. Public liability insurance covers you for when a client suffers from personal injury while on your premises.

In addition, you can also use public liability insurance cover when a client or a member of the public sustains property damage caused by your negligent business activities. Think of the slips, trips and falls that could happen.

Professional Indemnity

Therapists are at risk of making errors or giving misleading advice. This then leaves your business open to claims of negligence in your professional advice or services. Compensation claims made against you could lead to financial strains.

This is why it’s important to protect your business against losses caused by third-party claims. Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for when a third party files legal compensation due to alleged or actual negligence. This insurance policy will cover the compensation payable to a third party and your defence costs.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance is designed to help protect you in the event of a cyber breach or attack. You can get cover for the legal costs associated with defending a cyber claim. 

These are the risks covered by cyber liability insurance can range from cybercrime, cyber extortion or ransomware, and accidental loss or release of customer personal information.

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Every day, you see clients suffering the consequences of unergonomic working set-ups and poor posture. Sure, you might be an expert at helping clients with these conditions. But remember: a client complaint can do so much for your business.

Safeguard your business with a massage therapy insurance package with Sparrow Insurance. We can assist you with the suitable insurance in place through our network of insurers in Australia.

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What are the standard features of this insurance type?

This insurance comes with standard policies like public liability. We can help you customise your package, which will depend on the type of business you have. A mobile beauty salon will have varying policies from one that is stationary in a commercial place. Get in touch with us for a full product disclosure statement.

How do you calculate the payment for this insurance package?

The rate is calculated based on different factors like the total business assets, size, and location of the business. For a quick quotation process, request a quote online.

Do I need a worker's compensation insurance?

Worker’s compensation insurance is a mandatory insurance policy in Australia; however, the rules and regulations vary from territory and state. If your staff gets injured or ill during your business activities, they can use worker’s compensation insurance to cover medical bills and other costs.

Is there a fee for additional coverage?

Extras in insurance cover come with additional fees.