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Sue Sparrow

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Insurance industry leader and innovator

Sue Sparrow never planned to become an industry leader in specialised beauty, cosmetic injectable and medical insurance. Following a tragic accident, which left her a widow, Sue landed professionally in beauty insurance.

Working for an industry organisation, she quickly discovered the three problems with insurance for the beauty industry:

Sue found many people making poor choices that cost them professionally, emotionally and financially. Too busy taking care of clients, she found those working in the beauty industry weren’t good at taking care of themselves.

It inspired a mission: to educate and empower people to make wise insurance choices.

Since establishing The Sparrow Group (now Sparrow Insurance) in 2009, Sue has helped thousands of beauty and wellness business owners and professionals to take a higher level of care of themselves. With the right quality and level of insurance, tailored to specific needs, Sparrow Insurance customers feel confident and certain they are being looked after too.

Sue’s focus has expanded beyond the beauty industry to service the insurance needs of business owners and professionals working in other areas requiring specialised insurance, including those working with cosmetic injectables, in the wellness and medical industries. As Sparrow Insurance has evolved, Sue has also integrated general business and equipment insurance, as well as product liability. She brings the same personal and connected approach to these new areas of insurance as she took when Sparrow Insurance first commenced in business.

Sue Sparrow | Sparrow Insurance

Sue Sparrow is changing the way insurance is done

For over decade, Sue has worked alongside business owners and professionals to empower and educate them about good decisions for themselves. In doing so, she has developed her own approach to business that brings together a unique combination of genuine care and business savvy.

Sue has also forged strong industry connections through her network of insurance providers, customers and partners. This has enabled her to position Sparrow Insurance strongly to deliver solutions to the three main challenges facing business owners and professionals who require specialised insurance. Now actively shaping and enhancing insurance products for her customers, Sue is changing the way specialist insurance is done.

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Now sought after as a keynote speaker, Sue offers a fresh and uplifting outlook on business that provides inspiration and affirmation for those who align to her values of continuous learning and growth.

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