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Our approach to specialised beauty, wellness, medical and cosmetic insurance is tailored, simple and personal.

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When it comes to specialised insurance for beauty, wellness, medical and cosmetic injectable industries, we know there are three big hurdles to getting the right advice and insurance:

We love finding a way to make things right. Our conversations with customers tell us that when it comes to insurance they feel:

Overwhelmed and paralyzed
Confused and concerned
Frustrated and misunderstood.

We understand. Our approach to your insurance needs will solve this problem by

We take the hard work out of finding, choosing and maintaining your professional and business insurance. Just follow the steps.

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Sparrow Insurance has simplified the process of finding, quoting and choosing the right insurance.

How We Work Understand | Sparrow Insurance


We know there isn’t a one-size-fits all insurance for people working in the beauty, wellness, medical and cosmetic industries. That’s why we take time to understand you and your business - what you do, how you do it, the equipment you use. Whether you’re a professional or business owner, we ask questions first. By understanding you, we can identify what you need and then source the best possible products that meet your specific business and professional requirements.

We Protect You | Sparrow Insurance


We know insurance is only as good as the protection it provides. That’s why we’re constantly scanning the market for specialised insurance that can be tailored to our client’s needs. We also understand as business evolves, insurance needs do too. That’s why we work alongside our clients as they grow, to help manage and protect the businesses and careers they've created.

About Our Approach Support | Sparrow Insurance


We support people at every stage of the insurance cycle. Many people come to us when they’re fed up with their current insurance provider. They tell us, “We want to work with someone who understands our industry!”. With professional advice and tailored insurance, any business owner can feel confident they are supported, even if the worst happens. Whether it’s adding a new treatment, renewing or making a claim, we’re here when you need us.

How We Work Grow | Sparrow Insurance


As careers and businesses evolve, insurance needs change too. Periodically, we check in with our customers to help keep them on track. At the time of renewal, in between, or even just to say “Hi, how’s life treating you?”, we stay connected so we can deliver insurance that keeps up with your business life.

Looking for tailored insurance? We’ve got you covered