Public and Products Liability Insurance

Combined insurance solution to help protect your business

If your business provides services or products, you have the responsibility to prevent harm or damage to property and people that you come in contact with during the course of your business activity.

But accidents can happen any time and they’re beyond your control.

When these unforeseen situations occur, a public and product liability insurance can help you handle the costly consequence of a claim. 

What is public and products liability insurance?

Public and products liability insurance is an insurance that protects businesses from legal liability such as paying compensation to third-parties such as clients, suppliers, other members of the public, in the event of personal accidents and loss of or damage resulting from any business activity or through your products.

Public and Products Liability Insurance Coverage

Both public and product liability insurance cover are mandatory for all businesses, it could save you from potential risks when sudden claims arise.

If you are importing products from overseas public and products liability is a must.


Is there a standard public & products liability insurance cover?

No, due to the many different occupations and businesses requiring public and products liability,

Sparrow Insurance highly recommend a chat with one of the team to review your risks and requirements.