Public Liability Insurance for Businesses

Public Liability insurance cover in Australia to protect your business from claims on injury or property damage.

In your business, risks of personal injury or property damage involving a third party may come up anytime. If you’re unprepared for the legal liability, the result can be devastating. It can disrupt your business operations and affect your finances.

As a business owner, you need to be equipped with cover for your business. Before a claim is made against you, arrange for public liability insurance to be ready for any potential claims. 

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover the costs of claims made by members of the public when either, injury or damage has occurred within the business premise in the course of your business activities. 

Do I need public liability insurance?

A business is vulnerable to everyday risks and third party accidents. It is your responsibility to take all measures to prevent harm to your customers or suppliers. But no matter how you stay on top of your services, accidents can happen anytime such as slip and fall incidents. 


What is the limit of this cover?

To find the right policy fit for your protection, take into account your situation or needs, kind of business activity, and other industry-specific requirements, including the requirement for the lease to operate your business.

How much will public liability insurance cost?

The cost of premiums depends on the nature of your work, the size of your business, industry risks, level of cover and other business needs. 

Can public liability insurance protect my business against claims even if I’m self-employed?

This type of insurance can also protect sole traders. Even if self-employed, you are still liable for associated incidents within your business premise. You can also add other policies, such as professional indemnity.