Workers Compensation Insurance

Know the insurance cover to assist your business on work-related injury claims

While you may have all the necessary safeguarding in your workplace, a worker may still get injured while in the course of work. Workers compensation insurance is one of the most significant coverage to help an employer with the financial and emotional burdens. 

At the same time, it assists injured workers before they can get back to work. 

What is workers compensation insurance?

It is an insurance product designed to cover the benefits of your employees if they suffer workplace-related injury or illness. 

Do I need workers compensation insurance?

Workers compensation insurance is required in Australia, although the rules in each Australian state are administered differently. 

In Queensland, Victoria, NSW and South Australia it is solely operated by the government. 

For Western Australia, ACT, Tasmania, or Northern Territory, an insurer privately handles workers compensation. 

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Do I need workers comp for 1 employee?

Yes, all employers with at least one employee must have workers compensation insurance. This covers contractors and subcontractors unless they are independent entities. It is the general responsibility of employers to provide the information they need.