Makeup Artist Insurance for Your Business

Hassle-free insurance cover to make up for all the losses!

As a makeup artist, you are the core professional responsible for handling your client’s facial appearance. You know the right cosmetics to apply. Your clients go to you for expert advice on makeup techniques. With the pressure put on makeup artists comes associated risks like product contamination and skin damages. 

This results in potential lawsuits that could get financially messy. With the help of a makeup artist insurance, you don’t have to deal with the full impact of the loss.

Customised Insurance Offers and Packages in Australia

What insurance packages would help you as a makeup artist? When it comes to beauty insurance, there are more than one type. Go over these types of insurances. We can help you arrange a customised package.

Public Liability Insurance

You can never prevent an accident from happening, but you can prepare for whatever comes after. Negligence or mistakes caused when handling makeup to clients can be especially hard to deal with. Public liability insurance covers the expenses that lead to lawsuits from injuring a client whilst doing the work.

Product Liability Insurance

Your artistry involves offering and using cosmetic and beauty supplies to clients. In the event when these products would cause damage like an allergic reaction or personal injury, product liability insurance will cover and protect you from lawsuits.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Makeup artists, in general, advise customers on beauty products and styles. If a customer claims that an advice or work is inadequate or subpar, you can use professional indemnity insurance as a liability cover to help you with the expenses. As one of the most common coverages that makeup artists go for, it also protects your business from claims such as breach of contract, infringements, misrepresentation, or invasion of privacy.

Commercial Property Insurance

For your physical assets such as beauty machinery and equipment, commercial property insurance is most ideal. With this, you can cover business insurance for beauty salons, mobile makeup, and commercial properties. This type of insurance cover will take care of financial losses in the event where your property catches fire, gets destroyed by a storm, or in cases where there is theft and vandalism.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Everyone should take care of their employees, including you. Getting a worker’s compensation insurance is one way to safeguard your employees and yourself from financial burden in the event when an employee gets injured or dies while at work. Workers compensation Insurance type of business insurance will cover medical costs, medicine, and even funerals.

Do you need a makeup artist insurance?

It is good practise to secure business insurance for makeup artists right away if you want to be financially protected. Just like life and health insurance, you also need to get your business insured because anything can happen.

Here are some beauty businesses that Sparrow Insurance caters to:

Spa Salons

Nail Salons

Hair Salons

Beauty Salons

Hair Beauty Products

Cosmetics Business

Even if you rent space in any of the businesses above, you still need your own insurance. Get the specific details of the coverage and how it applies to the liability you may incur.

Get all the bases covered by getting insurance for your business today!

Securing a makeup artist insurance for your business with Sparrow Insurance is seamless and easy! Whether it’s your first time or not, we are here to make it a hassle-free experience for you. Get the ideal business insurance and cover by following these three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Learn more about the business insurance types available by visiting our website.
  • Step 2: Choose the types of business insurance that fit your requirements.
  • Step 3: Get a quote.

Not sure of the policies you need? We can assist you with getting a suitable cover. With a network of insurers in Australia, we can arrange a customised package that fit your needs. Let us know of your requirements and we’ll provide an insurance review.

If you’re set, you can go ahead and request a quote online.


How much does this insurance cost?

The cost would depend on the level of cover you get. Adding more business insurance products would also mean additional cost. However, you get more protection from it.

Do all businesses need insurance?

Yes, even if you are a self-employed makeup artist, if you offer services to the general public, you should be prepared for any accidents or events that could lead to lawsuits. With business insurance, you get peace of mind. A makeup artist is protected, especially when it comes to professional indemnity.

How important is getting a makeup artist insurance?

The beauty industry involves a lot of risks, especially for makeup artists who offer professional advice and ensure product authenticity. No matter how careful you are, it’s always better to secure business insurance as a backup. In the event of losses to your business, you won’t end up scrambling just to make ends meet.